they should still be visible tonight

they should still be visible tonight
they should still be visible tonight

“Around 12:30 a.m., during the night from Friday to Saturday, while taking a look at social networks, I saw that there was a lot of talk about the Northern Lights that we were seeing everywhere, even here. » Neither one nor two, Antoine Colomb, a Ponot living in the Guitard district, rushed to his window to see for himself this exceptional phenomenon in Haute-Loire.

When readers get caught up in the game

“We quickly reopened the shutters. At first, they were difficult to spot because it was quite dark. However, it worked when putting the phone in night mode. Fifteen minutes later, they were very visible to the naked eye. » The Altiligerian took the opportunity to take splendid photos of the Northern Lights over the Puy-en-Velay basin. Contacted by The Tribune – Progress Saturday via Facebookhe agreed to share them with our readers.

This is also the case for several of them who responded to the message posted in the morning on the website of the Progresscalling for photos to be sent to create a slideshow representative of the entire greater region, particularly in La Chapelle-d’Aurec, Beauzac and Espaly-Saint-Marcel for Haute-Loire.

“We spent the whole night outside and we had a blast”

Our curiosity being piqued, we took advantage of a happy coincidence in the calendar: until May 12, Craponne-sur-Arzon welcomes the 26e edition of the RAP (Spring Astronomical Meetings), organized by the Loire association of the same name. The ideal opportunity to react to certain specialists present among the 258 enthusiasts gathered for this long Ascension weekend.

“It’s usual in Nordic countries, but uncommon in France. The gases that the sun ejects come into contact with the Earth’s magnetic fields. The current very very active activity of the sun (not in the sense of shining, Editor’s note) explains this phenomenon,” explains one of the managers of As du temps libre astronomie, an association in Saint-Louis, in Alsace.

The process observed during the night from Friday to Saturday “was long and powerful, with red, green, blue. We spent the whole night outside and had a blast. From 3 a.m. to 5 a.m., it was calmer but we observed an exceptional peak after 5 a.m., with an exceptional final bouquet.”

According to our interlocutor, who has been doing astronomy for over thirty years, “it’s unheard of in France, I think”. This is evidenced by the photos taken on site by Aurélien Perret, member of the RAP.

According to NOAA, the American oceanic and atmospheric observation agency, it will still be possible to contemplate the Northern Lights during this night from Saturday to Sunday.




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