70 rowers from Europe on the Moselle!

70 rowers from Europe on the Moselle!
70 rowers from Europe on the Moselle!

Around fifteen rowing boats, of the “couple yolette” type with coxswain, set off this Saturday, May 11, from 8 a.m., on the Jouy canal. Rowers from the eighteen clubs of the Grand Est, but also from all over France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, joined the Moselle for the hike called “The Call of the Moselle”.

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The event replaced the “Nancy-Metz à la Rame” a few years ago, which was organized at the same time as the Nancy-Metz à la Marche, on May 8. “As we have a lot of rowers coming from abroad, we ended up changing the date and choosing a Saturday around the public holiday. We also avoid match days at Saint-Symphorien,” commented club secretary Alain Courvoisier.

“The setting is magnificent”

For this new edition, 70 rowers were there, five athletes per boat. Among them, the Swiss team from Friborg came for the second time: “The setting is magnificent. We saw herons and a stork nest! Passing the lock at Pagny is a real experience for us,” the rowers testified. “We also appreciate the distance! » noted Meret and Kim, who completed the tour of Lake Geneva, 160 km in 18 hours!

The rowers (there were 40 in this edition!) from the Strasbourg club came for the 57 km hike. “It’s the longest course in one day selected by the Federation,” confirms Alain Courvoisier. “Metz-Nancy was 56 km away, we added a small kilometer for the nod to the Moselle. »

Safety, friendliness and tourist appeal

The event is included in the national program of the Circuit Randon’Aviron 2024, which establishes the list of the 54 most beautiful rowing trips of the year. “It was selected for its safety, user-friendliness and tourist appeal. »

The event, which has the support of numerous partners (City of Metz, Department, Inspire Metz, Ligue Grand Est and the Moselle Departmental Rowing Committee) contributes to the attractiveness of the region. Thus, the rowers who chose the 25 km hike in the morning were able to discover Metz alongside two guides from Inspire Metz in the afternoon. The accompanying guests took a ride aboard the solar boat Solis. They will return, they promised, from Berne, Brussels or Luxembourg.




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