ALÈS EN FERIA This Saturday morning, after the comfort of the elders, the effort of the young

It was a first and – like any free and friendly proposal – it was a great success: the lunch on the banks of the Gardon this Saturday morning attracted a lot of people, before the release of anoubles which brought together the youngest catchers . Those who had eaten were able to sit as spectators, while their successors tried to control young madmen.

The famous “Mexican”, entertainer of the feria in his own way • François Desmeures

“Oh no, sorry, there’s no more cheese…” Municipal councilor, Valérie Meunier searches in the vehicles of the malrie. But stocks have been emptied. It’s 10:20 a.m. and there are barely a few slices of chorizo ​​left, among dozens of pickles, much more neglected than the cold cuts.

A very popular breakfast, where some were more courageous in front of the buffet than in front of the bull • François Desmeures

François Desmeures

The first meeting of its kind, the breakfast in the field – or rather under the Old Bridge – was a victim of its success, stormed by lovers of salty wake-up calls, who sometimes took the opportunity to absorb the excesses of the day before.

Valérie Meunier, an empty tray in hand… • François Desmeures

There are those glued to the buffet and those who enjoy the moment in the sun, a drink in hand • François Desmeures

Then, the quays and bridge were lined up for the release of anoubles, in summer weather. The opportunity to show off for the most intrepid, encouraged by the guardians. Catchers responsible for bringing the one-year-old calf back to the truck, despite all its enthusiasm. Two youthful enthusiasms thus clashed.

Between the end of breakfast and the start of the release of anoubles • François Desmeures

Some preferred to see the release from the other shore • François Desmeures

A small spike to prevent the calf from leaving its corridor • François Desmeures

Even the little ones get involved • François Desmeures

Group work to bring the calf to the truck • François Desmeures

Some people have shown themselves to be more attracted to roach than to catchers • François Desmeures

François Desmeures

François Desmeures

François Desmeures



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