The blue lake of Balayes, a magical corner in Haute-Loire

It is to the south of Yssingeaux, between Mazet-Saint-Voy and Saint-Julien-Chapteuil that the commune of Champclause and its place called “Les Balayes” extends. There is a lake typical of Haute-Loire due to the rock found there: lauze…

It gives him a turquoise blue colorsometimes even emerald: lauze, a sedimentary rock omnipresent in the Mézenc-Meygal part, lines the bottom of Lac des Balayes. And for good reason, it was in truthan old “lauzière”, that is to say a slate quarry! After the end of its exploitation, a spring gushed out: thus was born this famous “blue lake”… A must for hiking trips, on the banks of which hikers enjoy picnicking. But the journey that Mélissa Valla offers us, the PR 475, does not pass directly through the place.

The church of Champclause, a town with a picturesque town center
Alain Bellon

Direction Champclause

From the lake car park, the path heads towards Montvert through the forest. The roofs of the buildings are also remarkable by their materials used, slate, abundant in the region and particularly here, a stone’s throw from the old quarry: a know-how which tends to disappear because it is much more expensive than the construction of a tiled roof, and which is Besides listed as French Intangible Cultural Heritage know-howparticularly in Dordogne.

Once through Montvert, the path heads east towards the town center of Champclause. On this section, “the landscapes are made more desertMélissa tells us… A particularity that she explains in replay at the top of the article!

Return to Blue Lake

This walk of eight kilometers remains within everyone’s reach: count approximately two hours walk to overcome this PR 475 marked in yellow, before returning to relax on the banks of Lac Bleu! After all, don’t they say that comfort comes after effort?

The hiking route can be listened to again at the top of the article and found on the website the French Hiking Federation of Haute-Loire.

Depending on the light, the lake takes on a more or less blue or even green color.
Melissa Valla




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