Pontarlier. Ideal, the first title of Sicdelis arrives on the platforms

Pontarlier. Ideal, the first title of Sicdelis arrives on the platforms
Pontarlier. Ideal, the first title of Sicdelis arrives on the platforms

“We have always prioritized concerts, now we are releasing our first title,” says Laco, producer and guitarist of the group Sicdelis. Ideal a piece that the two artists like to describe as chill pop, is the result of several years of training and a beautiful artistic encounter.

It all starts with a guitar

It all started at the end of 2020. While Laco went to a guitar store in Pontarlier to greet a friend, he met Gaëlle there: “I heard her talking about guitar and explaining that it would be perfect for playing at This caught my attention. » Laco then proposed a studio session which the singer accepted. “For me, music was something very intimate that I didn’t expose at all,” says Gaëlle. “But I wanted to get closer to music and open myself up to new things. »

When the singer reveals her potential, it’s the start of a great adventure: “I fell to the ground,” jokes Laco. “I was surprised she had never made music with a band. » One thing led to another, the two artists, driven by the same ideas, created several titles. Among a few stage covers, some of their own productions were then performed for two years before being recorded in the studio. The title Ideal stands out particularly for Gaëlle and Laco. “We started recording our songs little by little, this was the one that was the most accomplished”

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An “old school” style

Through this piece, Laco wants to bring out his “old school” side. : “I try to limit the effects, I use the real synth, the guitar… The microphone is also from the 60s.” The clip also uses these vintage codes.Laco, who filmed with an old camera, particularly mentions his desire to give a seventies style to the images: “When it’s a little blurry, when it moves, it gives an identity. » As for the text signed and sung by Gaëlle, it remains free to interpretation: “When writing, I of course had an idea in mind, but I think that it is up to the public to make their own idea of ​​it. »

The ideal title of Sicdelis is available on streaming platforms and its clip on YouTube: SICDELIS – Ideal (youtube.com) Instagram: @Sicdelis




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