Targeting young people as a priority, the first curfew order in was issued in Seine-et-

Targeting young people as a priority, the first curfew order in was issued in Seine-et-
Targeting young people as a priority, the first curfew order in France was issued in Seine-et-Marne


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Published on May 11, 2024 at 12:02 p.m.

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This is one of the societal debates that has most divided the population in recent weeks. Should we impose a curfew on minors?

A question to which several mayors in recently decided to answer in the affirmative, by implementing this measure, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., for young people under the age of 13 unaccompanied by an adult.

This is particularly the case in the cities of and Béziers, whose first respective city councilors, Christian Estrosi And Robert Menardwere supported at the highest level of the state.

Indeed, during a trip on April 25, the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmaninsaid he was in favor of this measure.

“Bring back order”

But curfews in France are not new, nor are they from the crisis, a period when they returned to the forefront.

So, it was almost 28 years ago, in 1996that the first curfew order in France was taken in a town known more for its tourist attraction than its dangerousness: Moret-sur-Loing.

And already at the time, the measure primarily targeted young people, as the person who initiated it tells us: Patrick Septiersmayor of Moret from 1989 to 2018.

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“Our commune had become the gathering place for gangs of young people, often coming from outside, who broke flower pots, destroyed benches, trees, made noise at night, insulted residents, etc. So, to restore order and strengthen the powers of the police, in agreement with the commissioner at the time, I issued this famous decree which prohibited, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., gatherings in the three main squares. of the city,” he explains.

“Many elected officials did not understand this decision”

A decision which caused a lot of noise at the time, to the point of being taken up by most of the national media, and even in the international press.

an article in the local press, the France Presse agency broadcast the information. This was taken up by all the media: radios, televisions, newspapers, weeklies in France, but also in Belgium, Canada, the States and Great Britain (which had sent a television team, editor’s note)” , underlines the elected official, today president of the Moret Seine & Loing community of communes.

But on the political side, this decree did not attract only praise, quite the contrary: “At the time, even if other mayors issued this type of decree, many elected officials from Seine-et- marnais of large cities, and parliamentarians like the socialist senator Mélenchon, who asked the Senate to withdraw the decree, did not not fully understood the meaning of this decisionyet common sense and responsibility,” believes Patrick Septiers.

But despite the controversy, the elected official will never backtrack and his measure will never be challenged in court: “If this type of measure had been used more often at the time, maybe we wouldn’t be there ! The Moretans were satisfied, and that is the most important thing for me, because the gangs no longer came and calm has returned. We are often wrong to be right too soon », he concludes.

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