Vendée: a material aid system to support general practitioners

Vendée: a material aid system to support general practitioners
Vendée: a material aid system to support general practitioners


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Published on May 11, 2024 at 7:50 a.m.

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The observation is clear: of the 17 cantons of Vendée, eight have a medical density lower than 6.5 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants. “Although it is not within its competence, the Departmental Council has made medical desertification one of its priorities,” claims Alain Leboeuf, its president.

Thus, alongside other initiatives in terms of accommodation and support for interns in particular, he wanted to set up a program intended to provide general practitioners with equipment usually reserved for specialist doctors.

Equip general practitioners

Nicolas Chénéchaud, advisor responsible for medical demography, explains: “We looked for solutions that listened to health professionals. Three areas emerged as priorities due to the shortage of specialists and the difficulty for patients to access care: cardiology, dermatology and pulmonology. »

Since launching in 2022, 34 doctors or groups of doctors benefited from this system allowing the acquisition of dermatoscopes for skin abnormalities, electrocardiograms, and spirometers for lung function.

The objective: allow the general practitioner to make an initial diagnosisand, if necessary, submit it online to a specialist for an emergency appointment

A link between generalists and specialists

A dermatologist explains:

We are now called upon directly by general practitioners based on precise photos, which makes it possible to select the patients to be seen in person.

Marie Lecoufflet, dermatologist

To complete the system, she runs dermoscopy training courses for general practitioners.

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Marguerite de Courcy, general practitioner in Épesses, testifies: “Yesterday, I obtained the same day the opinion of a cardiologist on the electrocardiograms that I carried out. We gain in time and skills, the generalist filters first, the specialist is really in the expertise. This is the general medicine of tomorrow. »

Likewise, Thierry Pigeanne, pulmonologiststates that a spirometer allows the GP to measure the patient’s respiratory capacity “in a simple, reliable and reproducible way, more precisely than with a stethoscope”.

A unique initiative in France

This unique initiative in Francecombined with other actions linked to health professionals “is part of a global plan to attract new doctors and reduce the use of emergencies”, adds Alain Leboeuf.

The departmental body mobilized €175,000 to help with the acquisition of this medical equipment since March 2022, at the rate of €6,000 maximum per doctor or group of doctors.

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