an undeclared rave party brings together 10,000 revelers

an undeclared rave party brings together 10,000 revelers
an undeclared rave party brings together 10,000 revelers

On Friday, the prefecture estimated the gathering at around 7,000 people. No major incidents were reported as of Saturday noon.

The undeclared rave party continues. The gathering which has been taking place since Thursday morning in a small village in Maine-et- brought together some 10,000 people on Saturday morning, said the prefecture, which has not recorded any major incident at this stage.

Thousands of revelers began to flock during the night from to Thursday towards agricultural land located in the town of Parnay, near , taking over the scene. “illegally and without the owner’s consent”underlines the prefecture of Maine-et-Loire in a press release.

Estimated at around 7,000 people on Friday, “the public continued to flock to the site throughout the night” And “around 10,000 people are now gathered at the rave party site”specifies the prefecture.

Revelers came from all over to take part in this undeclared event, which is due to last until Sunday and which took neighboring towns and the authorities by surprise.

Installation of a temporary water point nearby

The prefecture notably pointed out on Friday the absence of sanitary facilities and access to drinking water on the site. Friday afternoon, technicians installed a temporary water point nearby, an AFP journalist noted.

Authorities were also concerned about access difficulties for emergency vehicles. “The work of law enforcement and emergency services has secured a red axis allowing the evacuation of emergencies”the prefecture welcomed on Saturday, specifying that six transfers have been made to the Saumur hospital center since the start of the event.

According to the latest available report, more than 95 people in total were treated by emergency services. The prefect issued an order on Tuesday prohibiting festive gatherings, just like those in neighboring departments who were expecting this type of gathering on this long Ascension Bridge weekend.




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