INTERVIEW. The tiktoker “Le Franc Gaulois” visited the Uxellodunum site

INTERVIEW. The tiktoker “Le Franc Gaulois” visited the Uxellodunum site
INTERVIEW. The tiktoker “Le Franc Gaulois” visited the Uxellodunum site

Peter Lejaille is an atypical character. His videos on Tik Tok “Le Franc Gaulois” are viewed by 300,000 people live. For several weeks, he has been traveling across France in all directions to visit all the Gallo-Roman and Gallic sites. “Known and not known!” », he told us when we met him on Thursday May 2 on the Uxellodunum site, in Saint-Denis-lès-Martel and Vayrac.

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Why this trip across France?

I love history, especially Gallic and Gallo-Roman history. I was challenged to share the sites of this era in our history, and I took it up!

How do you practice?

My goal is to make as many sites known as possible. My team contacts the municipalities or responsible associations. I meet the people, here it is Roger Miallet, the president of the Friends of Uxellodunum association, who explained to me and showed me around the site. I travel in a small car without a license, lent to me by the Ligier company, I sleep in a tent on the sites whatever the weather…

And for the reports?

I must tell you that my reports make no allusion to politics, religions or current affairs. I essentially advocate values ​​and traditions to promote Gallic culture. I learned the Gallic language and I am starting to highlight it on social networks. My topics are visible live or in replay.

Personally, what do you get from these reports?

It’s an extraordinary experience, not very easy I admit, but very enriching. I meet exciting and passionate people. I try to share this passion as best I can in my reports to raise awareness of these sites and the communities in which they are located. I must also tell you that all copyrights are donated to the municipalities or associations. I also recently met the director of the Naves heritage museum, in Corrèze, and the communications and heritage officer at the town hall who showed me around the Tintignac site.




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