False tax fraud scam: the Paris police headquarters warns of this formidable scam

False tax fraud scam: the Paris police headquarters warns of this formidable scam
False tax fraud scam: the Paris police headquarters warns of this formidable scam


Thomas Martin

Published on May 11, 2024 at 7:51 a.m.

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After the fake PV scam, here is the one alleged tax fraud. A scam against which the Paris police headquarters is sounding the alarm while taxpayers are in the middle of filing their income tax returns.

Messages that seem very official

“Be careful, the crooks do not lack imagination in usurping the identity of the Public Treasury to claim that you are guilty of tax fraud,” warns the prefecture. This comes in the form of an email from the General Inspectorate of Finance which seems very official. These messages, which are intended to appear official (layout, logo, signature, etc.), also cite the names of departments and officials of the tax administration in an attempt to make them more credible.

In this missive, it is indicated that the recipient was guilty of tax fraud with the aim, ultimately, of extracting, as always, his bank details.

This message asks you to regularize your situation as quickly as possible (within 48 or 72 hours, for example) by paying a sum of several thousand euros under penalty of criminal sanctions and seizure of property.

To do this, the target is invited to contact the tax administration, by responding to the message or by writing to an email address mentioned there. In certain cases, bank details (RIB) are communicated in the message to directly pay the amount claimed by transfer.

The clues that should alert you

Several points should alert you to avoid being defrauded. First, they are impersonal, not mentioning identity or tax references… They are therefore sent en masse to many email addresses without specific targeting.

Furthermore, on its website, the Directorate General of Public Finance specifies: “in a real case of tax audit, the DGFiP sends a paper letter with acknowledgment of receipt and never such a notification by courier. »

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You should therefore definitely not respond to it and even less pay. If you have the slightest doubt, it is best to contact your tax center directly to confirm the message received or connect to your private space on the site www.impots.gouv.fr or the impots.gouv mobile application to check if you is subject to such a procedure. If we do not obtain this confirmation, it is because it is indeed an attempted scam.

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