The Museum of Civilization is having a blast in 2024!

The heroes of the Colosseum in the spotlight

From June 21, Gladiators: Heroes of the Colosseum will present the unsuspected universe of these supermen who made the crowds at the Colosseum in Rome tremble.

Directly from Italy, the exhibition will transport visitors to the heart of the daily life of these living legends via an foray into the origins of fights, circus games and the code of life and honor of these courageous men. legendary, both hero and slave.

The 160 pieces on display demonstrate the fascination that gladiators had and the extent to which they left their mark on all forms of art of the time. Many of the objects presented come from the mythical archaeological sites of Pompeii and Paestum as well as the famous Colosseum in Rome.

Modern reproductions, and an important multimedia device, add to the splendor of this extraordinary exhibition where a costume workshop will allow young and old alike to put on some mirmillon, retiarian, hoplomach and provocator costumes.


Reproduction of Madison Square Garden in the exhibition “Fight. Quebec in the arena” (François Ozan – Icon)

Struggle. Quebec in the arena

Produced in collaboration with Ex Machina and its artistic director Robert Lepage, Struggle. Quebec in the arena combines theatrical art and museology to showcase the struggle, its characters and their evolution. We are transported there

in a unique universe, halfway between circus and sport; sometimes we find ourselves in a barn serving as a ringsometimes we are in the heart of the famous Madison Square Garden in New York, which still welcomes the greatest wrestlers on the planet today.

Through devices that play with our various senses, we even “resurrect” the famous wrestler Pepper Gomez.

Through the history of the struggle, it is the evolution of our society that is told. From Louis-Cyr to the great contemporary wrestlers, we learn about wrestling, its various types and holds, as well as the anthropological and cultural dimension associated with its practice.

The musical arena also in the spotlight

The Musée de la civilization also invites the public to enter a new era of sound with On words. The sound of queb rap; a musical journey through the history of hip-hop music since its origins in the Bronx, New York.

Created in collaboration with hip-hop artist and independent historian Webster, as well as several representatives of the hip-hop community of yesterday and today, we discover this marginal culture, reflection of numerous social concerns.

For four decades, rap, an essentially musical and poetic mode of expression, and hip-hop, a cultural and artistic movement, have shaped important social changes.

On words. The sound of Queb rap immerses visitors in full augmented sound reality. A spatialized auditory journey allows you to discover something 200 objects, living testimonies, rich and profound texts, and all the poetry, commitment and relevance of multi-talented artists.

My house

Comfortably installed at the museum until 2027, the friendly birds, Napoléon Dodo, Nestor Owl, Colette Poule and Captain Goéland entertain My house and welcome young and old in the rooms where secret passages rub shoulders with gigantic furniture, photo booths and collectibles. Laughter and good humor guaranteed!


Skeleton of a female minke whale, Habiter pavilion of the “Quebec, in other words” exhibition (Marie-Josée Marcotte / Icon)

A brand new permanent exhibition: Quebec, in other words

For this new exhibition, which will be installed permanently at the museum from May 30, we did things in a big way! In fact, the room has been enlarged and now offers more than 1500 m2 of surface area; the largest surface area ever devoted to a single exhibition at the Musée de la civilization!

The meeting is the central idea behind Quebec, in other words. Meetings between individuals, between people, between cultures. It is these exchanges that have shaped, and still shape, the portrait of Quebec society.

The course, like a large urban park, is divided into six pavilions, each based on a theme: inhabit, live, exchange, share, claim and belong. These action verbs are illustrated by 1,300 objects carrying stories, metaphors and encounters from yesterday to today.

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