The real estate boom in Lévis continues

The real estate boom in Lévis continues
The real estate boom in Lévis continues

Deliveries in 2024

Currently at the end of construction, a good number of condo apartments for rental will be delivered by the end of the year.

Le Joseph & David, 6000, boulevard Étienne-Dallaire (320 units for phases 1 and 2)

700, route des Rivières (120 units)

Somex Saint-Nicolas, 710, route des Rivières (200 units)

Place Mozart, phase 2, 1600, rue Mozart (32 units)

Horizon district, 1585, rue de la Citronnelle (60 units)

Élévation district, phase 2 of 5, 910, rue de l’Amont (155 units)

Quartier Sila, 1375, boulevard Guillaume-Couture (78 units)

New house projects are also increasing, creating new residential neighborhoods. Examples include new residential areas in the Sainte-Hélène-de-Breakeyville sector and the expansion of the Lamartine district, as well as the development of the Fleurs and L’Escarcelle estates in the Lévis sector.

For all budgets

No one is left behind in Lévis. The Lévis Municipal Housing Office (OMH) offers single people and families quality social and community housing whose costs take into account their limited financial resources.

Coming in 2025

Hélios Complex in Saint-Romuald (146 units, 3 buildings)

District GC in Lévis (263 housing units, 2 buildings)

Horizon district in Lévis, new phase (400 units including 100 rental condos)



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