Industry. More good news for the ZAC des Portes du Tarn

Industry. More good news for the ZAC des Portes du Tarn
Industry. More good news for the ZAC des Portes du Tarn


Fabien Hisbacq

Published on May 10, 2024 at 2:16 p.m.

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While the activity park The Doors of Tarn has just joined the list of 55 new “turnkey France 2030” sites, two associations, France Nature Environnement and Saint-Sulpice-Active et Citoyenne, are withdrawing from the appeal to which the business park has been the subject since 2021.

The Portes du Tarn business park extends over 198 hectares around the towns of Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe (Tarn) and Buzet-sur-Tarn (Haute-Garonne). In recent years, it has experienced many upheavals, particularly around the ultimately abandoned establishment of a giant logistics platform: Terra 2. But this time, the page seems to have turned. And the good news keeps coming.

“All the lights are now green”

First, a few weeks ago, there was integration into the list selected for the “Clés en main France 2030” system, intended to facilitate the installation of industrial companies in France. And now, the last two appeals from associations which targeted the Zac have been withdrawn.

“All the lights are now green to allow the Portes du Tarn to respond to
their ambitions: the development of a new generation industrial business parkwhose DNA positions it in favor of the ecological transition”, welcomes the SPLA (local public development company) of Portes du Tarn.

” While marketing was revitalized by the resumption of work last fall, these new announcements should accelerate implementation projects on the park, always in a reasoned and concerted logic,” the company wants to believe.

Encourage the arrival of “flagships of the industry”

” While marketing has been very active in recent months, with many companies interested in Portes du Tarn, the withdrawal of this appeal will allow our business park to be more attractive. A real opportunity to create a mixed space encouraging the arrival of industry flagships, participating in the reindustrialization of our country while by creating a range of varied professions”, also rejoices Christophe Ramond, president of the Tarn Departmental Council and president of the SPLA.

“With this second good news, it seems to me that the time has come for appeasement. The work of elected officials with their populations, the concrete actions that have been taken in favor of biodiversity on the park or the transparency demonstrated by the SPLA by working with independent bodies such as the DREAL, the OFB or even the
CEN1 are bearing fruit,” says Valérie Laumond, the director.

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If the interest of certain companies in an upcoming establishment is regularly recalled by the actors of this project, no name has yet been revealed.

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