SENEGAL-RELEGIONS / Pilgrimage: Ousmamne Sonko wants to ensure “optimal conditions” for accommodation and catering for pilgrims – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, May 10 (APS) – The Prime Minister asked the public services involved in the preparations for the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia of thousands of Senegalese to provide them with “optimal conditions” for accommodation, catering and medical care.

”I hire [la] Minister of African Integration and Foreign Affairs to ensure that pilgrims are guaranteed optimal accommodation conditions, both in Mecca and in Mina,” Ousmane Sonko said at the end of an interministerial meeting devoted to the organization of pilgrimage to the holy places of Islam.

According to a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Sonko also recommended to the Minister of African Integration and Foreign Affairs, Yacine Fall, to “avoid the accommodation problems” which Senegalese pilgrims faced during previous editions of the pilgrimage on Saudi soil, notably in Mina, one of the stages of their journey.

He asked him to ensure, by working with the Saudi authorities, ”quality catering, with the support of Senegalese service providers, and optimal medical monitoring”.

The head of government wanted Ms. Fall to inform him of “the measures taken by each private tour operator to guarantee the rigorous execution of its obligations towards the pilgrims in its charge, no later than May 15, 2024.” .

It was asked to Minister of Infrastructure, Land and Air TransportMalick Ndiaye, to ensure that the national company Air Senegal and Flynas, a Saudi company, ”take appropriate arrangements” to ensure the transport of pilgrims, in ”respecting the flight schedule”.

The Prime Minister told the general delegate to the pilgrimage to the holy places of Islam to submit to it, within four months, ”a plan to substantially reduce the financial package to be paid by pilgrims for the next pilgrimage to Mecca”.




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