Fatal accident in Saint-Raymond in July 2023: “You killed my father for a bottle of wine”

Martine Linteau confronted on Friday the relatives of the two people she mowed down, drunk while driving, in July 2023, who, despite all the remorse that the accused was able to demonstrate, do not forgive her “her selfishness”.

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“Your selfishness killed my father.”

It was in these harsh words that Samuel Lacoursière’s son, Jayden, spoke to Martine Linteau.

The 15-year-old took the stand to remind the accused that the bottle of wine she was going to get the day she mowed down her father will never be worth the years of solitude that await her.

Photo taken from Facebook, Samuel Lacoursière

“He was my pillar. […] He will never see my graduation, my apartment or my house, he will never have seen my children and will never tell me again that he is proud of me,” the young man said forcefully.

Double the limit

Samuel Lacoursière perished, just like his friend Audrey Michaud, when the motorcycle they were on was mowed down by Martine Linteau on July 25, 2023.

Photo Agence QMI, Guy Martel

The latter pleaded guilty to two counts of impaired driving causing death last December. The violent collision occurred in Saint-Raymond when the driver had almost twice the legal alcohol limit in her blood.

She had driven back to buy a second bottle of wine at the convenience store in the middle of the afternoon.

“You were selfish, you only thought of yourself, of filling your void, your never-healed wounds,” underlined with emotion Audrey Michaud’s aunt, Sylvie Morin, recalling that the young woman, a high school graduate in psychology, spent his life helping people “in pain”, who, unlike the accused, agreed to be helped.

“In your case, this led to the loss of our beautiful Audrey.”

Jayden Lacoursière lost his father, Samuel, mowed to death by Martine Linteau. The woman was driving with almost double the alcohol limit in the middle of the afternoon on July 25, 2023, in Saint-Raymond.

Photo provided by Audrey Michaud’s family

Be sorry for himself

Jayden Lacoursière recalled that if Martine Linteau had been able to cope with the loss of her sisters with difficulty, as she told her during her release investigation, her father had also experienced difficulties.

Afghanistan veteran, Samuel Lacoursière lived with post-traumatic stress disorder, but “always got back on his feet without using excuses like his disorder or drinking,” insisted his son before addressing directly to the accused.

Jayden Lacoursière lost his father, Samuel, mowed to death by Martine Linteau. The woman was driving with almost double the alcohol limit in the middle of the afternoon on July 25, 2023, in Saint-Raymond.

Samuel Lacoursière, with his son, Jayden, upon his departure for Afghanistan


“You killed him for a bottle of wine that you were going to drink while feeling sorry for yourself instead of trying to improve your case,” the grieving teenager told him.

And recalling the words of the accused who had mentioned in court that she found her incarceration difficult, the young man simply affirmed “having no empathy for people who do not take responsibility for their wrongs”.

“I’m glad prison doesn’t suit you, because the hole you left in my life doesn’t suit me either,” the teenager blurted.

“She says that prison is not made for her, but the cemetery was not made for Samuel either,” added Louis-Philippe Lebel, best friend of the victim.

Next in July

Given the numerous testimonies, the lawyers in the case were unable to deliver their pleadings to Judge Marie-Claude Gilbert. The file will therefore return at the end of July for the parties to present to the judge their suggestions on the sentence to be imposed on the 62-year-old woman.

Remorse that will follow her all her life

In tears, Martine Linteau confided that she “received the truth in the face” after hearing from the relatives of the two people she killed while drunk, saying she did not even want to ask them for forgiveness because she understands their pain. .

“If I too had lost two children like that, I would react the same way,” the 62-year-old accused testified Friday. “You can’t ask for forgiveness after that. We can never forgive someone who takes a child from us like that.”

Jayden Lacoursière lost his father, Samuel, mowed to death by Martine Linteau. The woman was driving with almost double the alcohol limit in the middle of the afternoon on July 25, 2023, in Saint-Raymond.

Photo taken from Martine Linteau’s Facebook

The irreparable

The driver, detained since the accident in July 2023, said she recognized the seriousness of the mistake she made that day.

“I have done the irreparable.”

In her testimony, the woman discussed at length her consumption problems, exacerbated by the death of her sisters and mental health issues, including anxiety attacks.

The woman had been hospitalized several times in the years preceding the tragedy and had also undergone therapy four times. Her partner also testified to these elements on Friday.

Since her detention, Martine Linteau has taken courses and training on mental health and also participates in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings offered there.

But she also reaffirmed that prison “is not her place”.

A statement which angered relatives of the victims.

Poignant testimonies

“I know we all have a destiny, but losing your only child like this is difficult. We were forced to give our daughter’s life so that you could finally understand.”

–Hélène Morin and Michel Michaud, parents of Audrey Michaud

“Through the pain that is part of our daily lives and our family, one question keeps coming back to me: if you had thought for just one second that you could have hit your own child, would you have gotten behind the wheel? To ask the question, is to answer it. So, I hope that the sentence is proportional to the harm you have done.”

–Sylvie Morin, aunt of Audrey Michaud

“At your age, I would have preferred 1000 times to face my problems than to watch my children and my grandchildren grow up through bars.”

–Jayden Lacoursière, son of Samuel Lacoursière

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