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Ban on cell phones in schools : A school in Nova Scotia and another in Connecticut in the United States require students to lock their devices during the day.

A first blue roof in Ontario : This way of managing rainwater helps reduce domestic water consumption and better control spills.

Battery recycling : A way to considerably improve the carbon footprint of electric cars.


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The Quebec government is considering banning cell phones on school grounds.

Photo: Envato

Halifax private school locks students’ cell phones (Radio-Canada)

Since September, 7th and 8th grade students at Armbrae Academy have been required to lock their phones in a neoprene pouch.

The school that defeated the cell phone (Washington Post via La Presse) (New window)

According to teachers who were initially skeptical, the pockets have transformed school life.


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The smart blue roof from Enviro-Stewards in Elmira, Ontario, collects rainwater, reducing the risk of flooding and lowering the building’s energy costs.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Hugo Levesque

After green roofs, blue roofs to fight climate change (Radio-Canada)

During storms, this smart roof system allows rainwater to be accumulated and discharged, in a calculated manner, into reservoirs, reducing the risk of flooding and reducing heating and cooling costs.

>>An employee servicing electric car batteries.>>

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An employee servicing electric car batteries

Photo: Getty Images / South_agency

Battery recycling greens electric cars (Bloomberg via La Presse) (New window)

Recycling electric cars, which emerged very recently, is already profitable and recovers more than 95% of the main metals. According to a Stanford University study (still peer-reviewed), Redwood Materials’ recycling process produces up to 80% less CO2 than the traditional supply chain.

>>A plane, a tree and wind turbines.>>

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Airlines offer their customers the opportunity to purchase carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint of travel.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Camille Vernet

Carbon credits: action or illusion? (The Press) (New window)

If he first advocates reduction at Source, he also believes that this reduction must go hand in hand with compensation for remaining emissions. Trees planted today will be of great service to us in a decade or two.




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