Urban supervision center in Val-d’Oise: 143 cameras deployed

Urban supervision center in Val-d’Oise: 143 cameras deployed
Urban supervision center in Val-d’Oise: 143 cameras deployed


Raphaël Delaveaux

Published on May 10, 2024 at 5:46 p.m.

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143 cameras already installed in the city, 250 by the end of the municipal mandate, a major step for security.

Thursday May 2, Benoit Jimenez, mayor (Udi) of Garges-lès-Gonesse (Val-d’Oise), inaugurated the Urban Supervision Center (Csu) and the new national police station, in the presence of Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories in charge of Citizenship and Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île- of France.

This 400 m premises2a quarter of which is dedicated to Csu, is a “tool for continuum of security wanted by the State,” says the Secretary of State.

Security, priority

“In the latest ranking of the safest cities inIle-de-FranceGarges is taking the biggest leap forward,” rejoices Benoit Jimenez.

For the mayor, even if a place in the middle of the table is not entirely satisfactory, “who would have thought that Garges-lès-Gonesse would one day be a safe city? »

The councilor says he is delighted with the construction of the police station and the CSU, which he describes as “jewels”.

The elected official also wishes to make a tribute to law enforcement.

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“They do a lot of work in our territory. »

Help detect

“They are used to detect crimes more quickly, thanks to concerted and powerful tools,” adds the councilor.

And for good reason: agents have 17 different itemsartificial intelligenceso that agents are alerted, for illegal dumping or outbreaks of fire, among others.

Three days after the center opened, one of the operators was able to observe three individuals in a vehicle. Upon investigation, it was discovered that they had committed a burglary and still had items belonging to the victims on them.

Benoit Jimenez, mayor of Garges-lès-Gonesse

Operational since the start of the year, the urban supervision center will have twelve operators in January 2025, thanks to the recruitment of four new agents.

Artificial intelligence

The mayor and the police wish to accentuate this system with the help of this digital tool.

Facial recognition is not yet authorized by legislation, but it is a valuable tool which could make it easier to identify offenders.

Benoit Jimenez

Valérie Pécresse supports this statement.

“Today, thanks to these cameras, we can already patrol without having to move agents. We can even commit flagrant crimes. It’s precious. »

For the President of the Region, “this works for the success of the districts”.

The elected official draws a parallel between this video protection and the cameras installed in public transport.

“100,000 of them have been installed, 30% of flagrant crimes are committed by video patrol. »

And added: “I want us to use drones, like during the demonstrations in Paris and elsewhere. »

Innovation will therefore be at the heart of future changes in the management of crimes by law enforcement.

Despite the different feats put forward by elected officials, skepticism reigns within the left opposition.


Rather than meeting the community’s safety needs with humane and committed solutions, this event highlights an excessive approach to surveillance, focused more on verbalization than on real protection.

Dean Nguyen, municipal councilor of the group Real change for Garges

For the elected official, “rather than promoting a feeling of securitythis overabundance of surveillance cameras risks increasing fears about privacy and individual freedom.

The municipal police station, closed since 2015, will also reopen its doors in the coming months, “so that Gargeoises can once again deposit complaint and have this local service,” concludes the mayor.

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