Fight on a train, violent man waking up, teenager behind the wheel… Nièvre news in brief

Theft, woman rescued in front of the police station, violent man waking up, fight on a train… The news from recent days in brief.


Shoplifting was committed in a business in Varzy on Thursday May 9 around 12 p.m. A woman took bottles of alcohol and soda and left at high speed through an emergency door. This resulted in the store’s alarms being triggered.

You shouldn’t wake him

The national police saw an inanimate man on a bench in Nevers, rue Blaise-Pascal on Thursday May 9. Wanting to help him, the officials went to meet him. The man, awakened from his sleep, appeared threatening and insulted the police officers and threatened them with death. Logically, it is no longer a rescue of people, but an arrest that the police are attempting. The man then tries to hit them. The same process takes place during his transport into police custody.

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Rescued in front of the police station

A frightened woman took refuge at the Nevers police station on Thursday May 9 around 7 p.m. Her companion was chasing her. Not without difficulty, the man was arrested. He was drunk and carrying two grams of cannabis. He was taken into custody.

Teen driving

A teenager was stopped on Thursday May 9 around 3 p.m. in the Faubourg du Grand Mouesse in Nevers, after a traffic infraction. His vehicle was not insured and was subject to an immobilization measure. Its driver, a minor and without a license, tested positive for drugs. He was entrusted to a responsible adult.

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Fight on the train

The gendarmes were requested by the SNCF to Charité-sur-Loire. Two men were fighting in a train car on Thursday May 9 around 4 p.m. Both were sufficiently damaged, they were transported to Nevers hospital. However, they were positive for narcotics.

Accidents under alcohol

An accident took place in Cercy-la-Tour on Wednesday May 8 around 7:30 p.m. A man driving hit another parked vehicle. The driver tested positive for alcohol. Same scenario in Varennes-Vauzelles around 10:40 p.m. where a driver hit another parked vehicle, but this time, he fled. He ended up being arrested. He too tested positive for alcohol.

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