La Tour Vagabonde hopes to stay at La Poya for 5 years

La Tour Vagabonde hopes to stay at La Poya for 5 years
La Tour Vagabonde hopes to stay at La Poya for 5 years

La Tour Vagabonde has found a place to settle: the site of the former Poya barracks, in Fribourg. An agreement in principle has been reached. The building permit application is published in the Official Gazette this Friday.

La Tour Vagabonde hopes to be able to stay there for five years. Last year, it had to cancel its season due to objections filed by local residents who feared noise pollution.

This year, to have a better chance of being accepted, the file was put together in collaboration with an architect’s office and the concept was revised, different arrangements were decided, indicates Blaise Coursin, responsible for programming at the Tower Wanderer.

Fewer noisy concerts

First, there will be fewer events. “In general, three per week, instead of four last year.” Then, the teams committed to programming a maximum of 50% of amplified concerts on the site, which is less than in the past.

To do this, they intend to diversify their programming by offering more circus shows, theater plays, or even new things like screenings or conferences, which promises less decibels.

La Tour Vagabonde is also insisting this year on strict schedules for its evenings. “The shows don’t end after 10 p.m.,” emphasizes Blaise Coursin. Finally, another change: the Tower will have to be installed on the very site of the Poya barracks, and not in the park like two years ago, which puts it further away from homes.

This traveling tower plans to open mid-September. Its installation on the Poya site is part of a larger project. The former military barracks will soon host materials reuse workshops, as well as a campsite.

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