La Chicorée, the little news from the North on Friday May 10

La Chicorée, the little news from the North on Friday May 10
La Chicorée, the little news from the North on Friday May 10

Sometimes bitter, sometimes comforting, the “new news” from the North of Friday May 10 in Sambre-Avesnois, Cambrésis, Douaisis, Arrageois and Valenciennois to shine at the coffee machine.

Chalut ti zote, we are the Friday May 10. On the menu for your Chicory, the latest news from the North:

  • It is the 131st day of the year and we celebrate Solange. This young peasant girl lived in Berry during the Carolingian era. She had taken a vow of virginity to dedicate herself to God. A young lord, rejected, did not hesitate to kill her with his sword.
  • The sun rises at 6:05 a.m. and sets at 9:22 p.m. (+2 min). Your day will last 15h17.
  • On May 10, 1806, a law from Napoleon I laid the foundations of the University: “There shall be formed, under the name of the Imperial University, a body responsible exclusively for public teaching and education throughout the Empire”. The University immediately appears as a teaching body vested with a monopoly, organized and hierarchical in the manner of a religious order. The writer Louis de Fontanes was named grand master in 1808. Joined by Louis XVIII in 1815, he was made a marquis.

None of us, acting alone, can achieve success.

By Nelson Mandela / Inaugural speech – May 10, 1994

Today’s tweet on Europe Day…

Above your heads, Météo France is forecasting fog banks over Douaisis and Cambrésis in the morning and sunny skies over other areas. In the afternoon and evening, the clouds will be particularly tough…

The latest news in Chicory: here are the 5 pieces of information from the North not to be missed!

Remember, it was just a year ago…

Greater Arras: what Pôle Emploi does for businesses

Hautmont: €3,000 fine per illegal deposit

Raismes: the agglomeration in search of project leaders to bring the Princess’s castle back to life

Assevent: May 13 and 14, it’s manga and pop-culture

In Solesmes, the Etape has permanently moved to its premises

Hasnon: the truck driver who mowed down three workers on the A23 sentenced

Three municipalities of Amandinois compete this weekend in the 1st intervillage tournament

Lambres-lez-Douai: we spent the afternoon at Le Relax just before Lens-Marseille

Solesmes: the Vélo Club hosts the UFOLEP Cyclosport departmental championship

Valenciennes. “Rêves so Nord”, a rap and electro event not to be missed

Have a good day at ti zote tertoutes and tertous and see you tomorrow for a new Chicory!




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