Jean-Pierre Allais, mayor of Laglorieuse, has died

Jean-Pierre Allais, mayor of Laglorieuse, has died
Jean-Pierre Allais, mayor of Laglorieuse, has died

The Glorieux and the Glorieuses no longer have a mayor. This Thursday, May 9, the 550 inhabitants of this town, located southeast of Mont-de-Marsan, learned of the sudden disappearance of Jean-Pierre Allais. Born on February 21, 1949 in Nantes, settled in the Landes since the end of the 1970s, married and father of two children, he died following a devastating illness, at the age of 75.

Arriving in 1976 in Laglorieuse to follow his wife, originally from Tarbes, this electronics technician was elected mayor in 2017, following the health problems of the former first magistrate of the commune, Gérard Apestéguy, himself died in 2022. Involved from the start in municipal life, he was first a municipal councilor, then deputy and first deputy, before wearing the tricolor sash.

Associations and environment

A fan of “living well in Laglorieuse”, he had, in 2020, during the municipal elections in which he stood, focused his roadmap on the dynamism of associative life, the protection of the environment and even the beautification of the territory. He claimed no political label. However, for a time he hesitated to represent himself.

“There is a little disconnect between my age and the way we live today. The Internet is changing everything. I am not from an Internet generation, rather inter-not-net,” he concluded with humor.

Jean-Pierre Allais was also elected to the Agglomeration of Mont-de-Marsan where he more specifically followed issues relating to human resources, with the vice-president, Jean-Paul Alyre, and those of the pound.


For some residents, the shock is palpable at the announcement of the news. Claudine Bouchan is a “pure Glorieuse”, born in the town, she remembers a man with “always a joke”. “He was someone who really cared about his village. He had housing developments built. He was a good mayor. »

” I am very sad “

The reactions of elected officials are no less laudatory. “I had known him well before he was mayor,” says Geneviève Darrieussecq, deputy for the first constituency of Landes and former mayor of Mont-de-Marsan. I am very sad. He was a good person, who was generous and who was very involved in his role as mayor, a position that he knew was sometimes difficult, especially in a small town. We will miss him. »

Charles Dayot, mayor of Mont-de-Marsan and president of the Agglomeration, also notes his involvement at the town hall of Laglorieuse. “He was a benevolent elected official in the good sense of the term, and active for his town. He had notably acted to ensure that the town hall hosted a municipal La Poste agency. I also remember that he was involved in preserving the Limac wetland, located on his territory. He was very involved and in direct contact with his population. »

Although born in Nantes, Jean-Pierre Allais had easily embraced the traditions of his host department: “He was an aficionado, he was involved in the organization of bullfighting in Villeneuve-de-Marsan and he he happened to visit a few camps,” adds the mayor of Mont-de-Marsan.



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