Burglary in Eure: the thief caught by the baker and tied up by the mayor

Burglary in Eure: the thief caught by the baker and tied up by the mayor
Burglary in Eure: the thief caught by the baker and tied up by the mayor

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May 9, 24 at 5:08 p.m.

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It was 4 p.m. this Sunday, April 28, 2024. Nap time for the baker from Fournil d’Éloïse, housed above the store he opened at 46, rue Grande in Montreuil-l’Argillé (Eure), with his partner 5 years ago. A well-deserved nap with your children…

The cameras film it

It was then that the baker and his wife heard a noise. “The bakery being closed, it was not normal”, testifies the latter, contacted by us. Effectively. The couple immediately had proof of this.

CCTV cameras being installed at the storewe see a hooded man stealing the cash and a few cans of soda, after breaking into the bakery.

The baker gets dressed and chases him

Barely dressed, the baker rushes downstairs. The thief flees, the baker runs after him. The baker’s wife calls the police.

The baker runs fast. Faster than the thief. He catches up with him, under the stunned gaze of several passers-by, including the village mayor, Jean-Louis Groult. I have to say that this April 28 in Montreuil was a day of celebration in the village. Cycling race day, happy event to return here after ten years of interruption. Not very smart, the thief could have chosen another day to commit his theft…

Caught, the thief flees again

Well, once caught, the delinquent did not give up, he managed to escape again. “He wanted to hide at a neighbor’s house » says the village baker, whose version the gendarmes attest.

It must be said that they quickly responded to the baker’s phone call, coming to the location immediately. It was therefore they who arrested the delinquent, who had previously run away again the baker, the mayor and village residents.

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Eh yes. Jean-Louis Groult, mayor of the village, gives this tasty story about this episode.

It happened 50 or 70 meters from the bakery. The thief took refuge in the courtyard of a house then tried to get out. Two young men ran after him, one from the village and another who I don’t know. I don’t run very fast but I can tie someone up if I have a rope. What I did, while the other two held the thief down. When the police arrived, all they had to do was handcuff him and take him away.

Jean-Louis Groult, mayor of Montreuil-l’Argillé
The mayor of Montreuil-l’Argillé Jean-Louis Groult, during greetings to the citizens, January 13, 2023. ©Archive photo Alain Gerlach/Eveil Normand

The story does not end there. First of all, the couple of bakers wanted to thankorally and on the Fournil d’Eloïse Facebook page, those who helped them during their misadventures.

The thief was placed in custody.

From the beginning to the (almost) end of the story, the gendarmes from the Broglie unit and the Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (PSIG), present during the arrest, and those from the Bernay research brigade , took care of “his case”.

Referred to the prosecution on April 30, the individual, a 43-year-old man living in Seine-Maritimewas judged in immediate appearance at the Evreux criminal court this Friday, May 3, 2024.

8 months in prison and 4 suspended

Very unfavorably known to the justice system, the man with an already very extensive criminal record was fined for the burglary committed in Montreuil-l’Argillé of 8 months in prison and 4 months suspendedaccompanied by an iresidence ban in the department of Eure for two years and one fine of €150. He was at the end of his judgment placed in detention.

Normally, we shouldn’t see him again anytime soon in Montreuil-l’Argillé, where pno one knows what he came to do other than to rob a bakery this Sunday April 28, 2024, the village’s holiday.

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