Blue ink of May 10

Clock of all dangers


Published today at 5:49 p.m.

The Flower Clock has also been set to summer time. Proud of its spring sequence, it shines like never before and counts a number of daily visitors which continues to increase. Hundreds every day of the week, thousands during the weekend and, this Wednesday, Ascension Eve, shortly after 5 p.m., emergency workers at work. The color of their ambulance, parked in front of the hill, clashes a little with the thoughts that make up the dial.

The moment is not one of contemplation but of caring for a motorcyclist injured on the road, after having fallen from his machine. Not alone. He was stopped at the light signal, in front of the pedestrian crossing, he was hit by a car coming just behind him. Facts confirmed by the police. The surplus will be determined by the investigation. Collision and medical transport, the ordinary in a city which collects them.

Julie is not an investigator. Everyone has their own job. His is to repeat what is wrong when nothing works. The Flower Clock sector is one of the most accident-prone areas in Geneva. The green phase of the same pedestrian crossing is of a ridiculous duration, not allowing the crossing of the Quai du Général-Guisan in time. Hence the permanent presence of dozens of tourists, massed on the central island.

Yes, tourists. They are the main users of this everywhere dangerous address. It sees itself as an open-air laboratory of disrupted mobilities with different speeds. In the middle of this overflow where no one manages to pass each other, the pedestrian is, once again, left to his own devices.

If he wants to reach the sidewalk opposite, on the English Garden side, without damage, he must run. To admire the mosaic culture, it is in their interest to come together and become one. Pedal intrusions come from right and left. It’s just insane to put visitors to our city through this.


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