Gati-Foot left Vrères no chance

Gati-Foot left Vrères no chance
Gati-Foot left Vrères no chance

Vrères (D3): 0
Gati-Foot (D1): 2

The season of young Gati-Foot players has already been marked, last weekend, by the victory at Sud-Gâtine (1-2) which ensured the promotion to Regional 3. This Wednesday, May 8, the Secondignois also offered a place in the semi-finals of the Coupe des Deux-Sèvres.

Gati-Foot initially missed all his opportunities

On the sunny pitch of US Vrères, the Gâtinais blocked any opposing attempt. The locals no longer had their foot on the ball ten minutes into the game and on the contrary saw the visitors’ first attempts not always very diligent. Twice, Gati-Foot missed an obvious opening goal with Cogny (13e) then Diarra (15e), just above the crossbar.

The chances only continued on the Gati-Foot side after the quarter of an hour of play. The only threat from US Vrères resulted from a counter, but the latter was quickly stopped by the defense (20e). Boutet and Cogny were still close to opening the scoring (24e and 26e), but the Gâtinais did not seem decided to complete their attacking actions until half-time.

Vrères gave up at the end of the match

When the teams returned, the same pattern continued. No attempt for US Vrères, busy trying to control the Gâtinais attackers. At the 48e minute of play, Gati-Foot’s first goal was refused, and the lack of efficiency returned immediately with two misses (54e56e).

The light finally came from Diarra to relieve the entire team and the Gâtinais bench. Alone facing the goalkeeper, the player regained the ball after a failed attempt by Sacko (0-1, 59e).

After the goal, US Vrères really started to slow down. Even the defense which held up in the first half was becoming more and more discreet. Gati-Foot could recover the ball in the central circle and organize without difficulty for Sacko to worsen the score (0-2, 72e).

While Vrères saw his only chance cleared by the defense, Gati-Foot increased his attempts. Birot shot just over the bar (75e), then Cogny missed the third goal with a header in stoppage time. Even without always being very precise, Gati-Foot thus clinched his place in the semi-final.

The sheet

Half time: 0-0.
Referee: Mr. Suaud.
Goals : for Gati-Foot, Diarra (59e), Sacko (72e).


Jérôme Lhomedet (Vrères coach): “We had a strong first half effort but we didn’t have any chances. The defense was very compact, Gati-Foot was forced to force their game a little. Then, we let go a little in the second half physically, but they did everything they could. »

Florian Pied (Gati-Foot coach): “With the schedule we have, it’s complicated to see good matches. We were patient, we weren’t always very fair, but once the spaces became available, we found the loophole. Even if we have to perfect offensively, we were solid defensively. We didn’t concede any opportunities, we didn’t scare each other. »



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