In Neubourg, this couple is flooded every time it rains

By Simon Lenormand
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May 9, 24 at 7:00

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For this couple from Neubourg, the cup is full (Eure). Since 2021, Valérie and Fabrice Dumais have lived in anguish. With each rainy episode, they see the water flowing from rue Saint-Nicolaswhere they live and which is in fact departmental road 597, as well as from rue du Haut-de-Vitot, located opposite their house.

The water then accumulates under their gate and in their yard, until it forms a basin that they are forced to cross to leave their homes.

Lately, it’s been horrible.

Valérie Dumais, resident of Neubourg

“I’m stressed, it’s making me lose my temper. Every time it rains, we’re in the water. Lately, it’s been horrible,” confides Valérie Dumais, 55, accounting secretary at the two Neubourg colleges. “II put on my rubber boots to leave the house, which I change into my street shoes when I arrive at work, and repeat in the evening. While it’s very complicated for me to bend down. »

Indeed, Valérie Dumais suffers from Ménière’s disease, a fluid imbalance in the inner ear which causes her very frequent dizziness. Her husband Fabrice Dumais, 59, a former bodywork painter, is recognized as disabled. “When I open the gate, every other time a car passes and I get in a pool of water. I have to go home and change. It’s ruining my life! » testifies Valérie Dumais.

The climax was reached during the episode of heavy rain from June 19 to 21, 2021, in Neubourg, during which their cellar was flooded. Since then, the couple has been in contact with the community of communes and the Neubourg town hall. “The technical services came several times to fill in the holes in the road, but that doesn’t stop anything », Indicates Valérie Dumais.

Each time it rains, a pond forms at the outlet of their yard. ©Valérie Dumais

Last work in May 2023

The last intervention took place in May 2023. A “patch”, piece of cold mix a few meters longwas carried out by the City to prevent water from entering the Dumais courtyard.

Without effect, according to the couple. “When I saw that, I wondered if it was a joke,” says Valérie Dumais, who does not hide her exasperation. They are kind and understanding, but that is not enough. We can’t wait yet like this for years. I can’t stand my feet in water anymore, they have to find a solution. »

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Exhausted, the couple would nevertheless not consider leaving their home for anything in the world. ” I like my house. We had it built, but inside we did everything with our hands. We don’t want to move. »

A cold coating was carried out in May 2023. ©SL/Le Courrier de l’Eure

“The budgets have already been voted on”

On the side of the institutional actors, the whole difficulty of the file lies in the fact that it involves both the commune of Neubourg, where the Dumais home is located, the Department, because their street is a departmental road, but also the commune of Vitot, from which part of the water arrives.

Several quadripartite meetings have taken place since 2022 including the community of communes of Pays du Neubourg, holder of road authority. “We came to an agreement,” says Francis Bronnaz, deputy for roads and networks at Neubourg town hall. “We are just waiting for the topographic survey to make the plans. The budgets have already been voted on by the municipal council,” he assures.

An outlet for Vitot

The project is to reclaim the edges of the road to channel the water towards an outlet, which would be placed behind the Vitot town hall, in the “centennial rain basin, created around ten years ago”, specifies Joël Lelarge, the mayor of Vitot, who confirms that his municipality will also participate in financing the work. “I hope we will be able to do it by 2025.”

Around 40% of the cost of the work will be covered by the community of municipalities. “But as long as the initial work is not done on the departmental road, we cannot make the connections,” raises Bertrand Cambier, director of planning and living environment within the community of communes.

“The Department has developed a project on behalf of the two municipalities,” confirms Benoît Migeot de Baran, deputy director of mobility at the Department of Eure. As project manager, he returns to the municipalities to decide on the start Works. »

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