It will soon be forbidden to bring lawn clippings and leaves to the Lot recycling centers

It will soon be forbidden to bring lawn clippings and leaves to the Lot recycling centers
It will soon be forbidden to bring lawn clippings and leaves to the Lot recycling centers

By Marie-Cécile Itier
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May 9, 24 at 7:00

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From 2025, he will be prohibited from depositing mowing waste and dead leaves of the garden in the recycling centers Syded Batch. The plant platform is the largest at the Syded recycling center in Catus and extends over 7 ha. Plants are the largest waste stream brought to Syded.

18,000 tonnes of green waste recovered each year by the Syded du Lot

Green waste represents 100 kg of plants per year and per inhabitant on average, i.e. 18,000 tonnes of plants recovered by Syded. And among them, lawn clippings and dead leaves represent 1/3 of this green waste. A huge mass that could very well be composted or otherwise reused directly in gardens.

Environmental nonsense

From banning the burning of green waste by individuals in 2012, the flow into recycling centers increased by 50%. “50 kg of burned plants represent the equivalent of 13,000 km by car in terms of particle emissions” explains Syded president Stéphane Magot. “The acceleration of climate change is forcing us to review our practices and habits. Today, it seems absurd to travel ten or twenty kilometers to throw bags of clippings and leaves into a recycling center. When you take 100 kg of fresh clippings to the recycling center, you actually get rid of 80 liters of water while spending fuel to make the trip. This is environmental and economic nonsense! » he continues.

Valuable resources for the garden

In addition, lawn clippings and dead leaves can be valuable resources for gardens: mulching, mulching, mowing less or more selectively (which also saves gasoline for the mower) are all solutions. to adopt in the garden to avoid bringing this green waste to the recycling center. “Our fellow citizens need to get involved. On the scale of our plot, we can have a practice for the environment. People are starting to become aware, now we need to generalize,” says Stéphane Magot.

Throughout this year, Syded will carry out an awareness campaign to explain to users what to do with their lawn clippings or dead leaves to avoid cluttering the recycling centers. Approaches will also be made to local authorities through environmental representatives.

On the other hand, it will always be possible to deposit hedge cuttings, branches and other green waste from the garden which are more difficult to compost or reuse.

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