SENEGAL-HEALTH / A recommended framework for a solution to the retention of health information – Senegalese Press Agency

Dakar, May 8 (APS) – The Minister of Health, Ibrahima Sy, proposed to the social partners the establishment of a framework to find a solution to the retention of health information, which negatively impacts the health system. health.

”We need to find a framework to be able to work together, so that we don’t block the health system. This is a priority issue. To find a response to this retention of data, we will have to make decisions in this direction,” he said at the joint annual review (RAC) of the National Health and Social Development Plan (PNDSS).

The Minister of Health thinks that “we cannot be in a country and in a sector as strategic as health and not have prompt data”.

”You shouldn’t push an authority to the limit. We will negotiate and work together to find lasting solutions as we have just arrived,” he continued.

He says “he knows many countries where the idea of ​​blocking health information has never crossed the minds of trade unionists”. He recalled in this regard that “health information is protected by law and its retention is “criminalized”.

Everything we do “is in the interest of the health system,” he said, affirming that there are “limits that must not be exceeded.”

”We are open to discussing with trade unionists. On demands that are legitimate, the government will make the effort as far as possible,” assured the minister, stressing that ”it will not promise what is not possible to be achieved”.

He underlined the imperative to work towards having “complete” reports. We are indebted to the state of the budget with the effort of everyone, citizens and development partners who are supporting us,” he recalled.

He also believes that social action, a nagging question that often comes up, ”cannot be detached from public health”. ”We will have to look in the coming months at how to ensure that it is properly reintegrated into the department’s programs, because that is how we will be able to remove the compartmentalization,” said he recommended.




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