SENEGAL-EDUCATION-INFRASTRUCTURES / Saint-Louis: plea for the rehabilitation of Ameth Fall high school, hit by old age – Senegalese press agency

Saint-Louis, May 8 (APS) – The Ameth Fall girls’ high school in Saint-Louis (north) needs to be rehabilitated because it is starting to age, warns its principal, Khady Bâ Sy.

”The school needs to be rehabilitated, because it is quite old. Of course, it was rehabilitated between 2012/2013. Unfortunately, it’s not done well,” she lamented in an exclusive interview with the APS.

She insisted that the school was getting old. There are even some sections of buildings that are “collapsing”, she warned, judging that “it is a danger for the students”. The principal also reported that the Academy Inspectorate (IA) of Saint-Louis was informed of this situation.

“Recently, we informed the academy inspectorate (IA) of the collapse of a ceiling,” she said, for example, adding that “this was not the first time.”

A former resident of this school, she also underlined that a manager from the School Construction Department (DCS) made a report, hoping that it “will be passed on to the appropriate person”. In the report he pleaded for this school to be established as a high school of excellence, like the scientific high school of excellence in Diourbel.

”Our dearest wish is to maintain excellence at the high school, but also to make it a high school of excellence. Let it be made official by a decree,” she advocated.

The Ameth Fall girls’ high school, which has 1,744 students from grades 6 to 12, aims to promote girls’ education, according to its principal, installed since October 2019.

First an elementary school before becoming a middle school, this educational establishment steeped in history was established as a girls’ high school in 1962.

The Ameth Fall girls’ high school is located in the southern district of the Island of Saint-Louis, still known as Sindoné.




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