Senegal: council of ministers of May 8, 2024 (press release)

Senegal: council of ministers of May 8, 2024 (press release)
Senegal: council of ministers of May 8, 2024 (press release)

The Head of State, His Excellency, Mr. Bassirou Diomaye Diakhar FAYE chaired, this Wednesday, May 8, 2024, the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers at the Palace of the Republic.

At the start of his communication, the President of the Republic reminded the Government of the essential place of fishing in the economic and social development of Senegal, in particular artisanal fishing which is an important Source of income for part of the population.

In this regard, the Head of State asked the Government to take all necessary measures to preserve fisheries resources and protect artisanal fishing professionals.

To do this, he called for the revision of the Maritime Fisheries Code and its rigorous application.

The President of the Republic underlined, in this context, the need to strengthen the mechanisms to combat illegal fishing activities.

He also emphasized the urgency of defining a national policy for the sustainable management of fishery resources through a specific program involving researchers and well-targeted partners.

After welcoming the publication, on May 6, 2024, by the Minister in charge of fisheries, of the list of vessels authorized to fish in waters under Senegalese jurisdiction, the Head of State reminded the Government of the importance that it brings transparency in the management of the fishing sector.

On this subject, he requested the audit of the Senegalese flag and the evaluation of fishing agreements and licenses. 2 The Head of State also requested the inventory and evaluation of State interventions, subsidies and financing in the fisheries sector in terms of infrastructure built and support for stakeholders.

He also asked to ensure the renewal and security of the fleet of artisanal canoes.

In the same vein, the President of the Republic invited the Prime Minister to engage in consultations with stakeholders in the fishing sector in order to define an emergency program for the revival of artisanal fishing and the development of industrial fishing.

Furthermore, he indicated the need to develop aquaculture, a Source of jobs, by networking the national territory into aquaculture centers and stations.

Referring to the agricultural sector, the Head of State recalled that it is the essential engine for establishing, on a solid basis, Senegal’s food sovereignty, economic growth and the creation of decent jobs.

Inspired by the PROJECT, it is appropriate, according to him, to change the paradigm by ensuring increased accountability of grassroots professional organizations. This is the whole meaning of the policy of support and revival of cooperative structures translated by the appointment of a Secretary of State for Cooperatives and Peasant Supervision.

The President of the Republic asked the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Livestock and the Secretary of State for Cooperatives and Peasant Supervision to propose the review and updating of the law of agro-sylvo-pastoral orientation.

The revision of this law is part of a perspective of strengthening the fundamental place of professional organizations in the rural world in the governance of this vital sector.

Speaking about flood prevention, the Head of State asked the Prime Minister to immediately engage all ministers, State services and territorial actors concerned to propose a National Prevention and Management Plan. floods.

The President of the Republic invited the Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation to immediately ensure the identification of priority localities, zones and sites in terms of pre-wintering development work and deployment of means of protection. intervention of the National Fire Brigade (BNSP) and Military Engineering.

In this context, he asked the Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation to make, under the supervision of the Prime Minister, a weekly communication to the Council of Ministers on the monitoring of actions to prevent and combat flooding.

As part of his diplomatic agenda, the Head of State informed the Council of his participation in the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which was held on May 4 and 5, 2024 in Banjul.

Finally, the President of the Republic returned to his working and friendship visit to the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire carried out on Tuesday May 7, 2024.

He thanked President Alassane OUATTARA for the warm welcome and generous hospitality he gave him.

In his communication, the Prime Minister announced the holding, on Friday May 3, 2024, of an Interministerial Council devoted to the 2024 agricultural production campaign.

He emphasized the Government’s determination to make a systemic break in subsidy mechanisms so that the financial resources granted by the State are effectively allocated to the real rights holders.

He also signaled the urgency noted by the stakeholders to hold a meeting of the Higher Agro-sylvo-pastoral Orientation Council which will be chaired by the President of the Republic.

The Prime Minister also informed the Council of the progress of the work devoted to measures to reduce the prices of basic necessities, the framing of the Government’s emergency action plan and the general review of programs, projects as well as as human capital and budgetary resources.

He also informed the Council that he will chair an interministerial meeting to review the preparatory efforts for the pilgrimage to the 4th Mecca edition 2024 and an interministerial Council devoted to the preparation of Tabaski 2024, respectively on May 10 and 14, 2024.

Finally, he reported on the audiences he granted to the Governor of the BCEAO, the Ambassador of India to Senegal and the Minister in charge of agriculture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Under the communication from the ministers:

– the Minister of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital Affairs made a presentation on the Senegal Connect Park (formerly PTN) project;

– the Minister of Health and Social Action made a communication on hospital projects;

– the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Livestock made a communication on the results of the 2023/2024 peanut marketing campaign, the preparation of the 2024 agricultural production campaign and the monitoring of exports of horticultural products.



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