Gildor Roy will be the Dumas investigator for Luc Dionne

Gildor Roy will be the Dumas investigator for Luc Dionne
Gildor Roy will be the Dumas investigator for Luc Dionne

Before entrusting the role of investigator Jean Dumas to Gildor, Luc Dionne nevertheless thought about it: he absolutely wanted to stay away from District 31 and above all, don’t seem like you’re doing the same thing again.

“At the same time, Robert De Niro made eight films with Martin Scorsese. Gildor is my Robert De Niro,” declares the author, who is working again with producers Fabienne Larouche and Michel Trudeau.

Luc Dionne, who did heavy series before writing a daily newspaper, is tackling for the first time an annual series, which extends over autumn and winter, like With a beating heart And Witches.

“It tempted me. I am a lazy person. Everyday life has taught me to be less so. Twenty-four episodes per year, it’s a great format.”

With Dumaswhich will be directed by Stéphan Beaudoin (Classified secret, Amber Alert), Luc Dionne will infiltrate a little-known world, that of private investigation firms, which inherit cases that the police cannot resolve.

“It ranges from deceived men and women to war criminals and drug trafficking. They do not replace the police force but they investigate where the police cannot intervene,” explains the author, who is inspired by a real firm of the kind.

At the head of Intelco for 30 years, Jean Dumas (Gildor Roy), an exceptional investigator but a mediocre father, manages around 200 employees, supported by his right-hand man, Éric (Vincent Leclerc).

Among the team of coaches, there is Sophie (Marie-Lyne Joncas), a former detective sergeant who is outspoken, specializing in sex crimes.

Fabienne Larouche admits it straight away: it’s the recent performance of Marie-Lyne Joncas as a patient suffering from Pica’s disease in STAT who earned him this role.

“She had to eat metal and at no point did she pick up. I was impressed.”

— Fabienne Larouche

What a joy to find Isabel Richer in a main role, that of Stéphanie Guérin, the ex-wife of Jean Dumas, who still has shares in the company.

Together, they had two daughters, played by Jade Charbonneau and Lili Francke-Robitaille, while Dumas had a son from a previous union, Anthony (Jason Roy-Léveillée), an ambitious young lawyer.

Jean Dumas will have in his hands a competing firm, Invescan, headed by the devious Henri Cazal (Laurent Lucas).

Catherine-Anne Toupin will play his partner, “who knows how to use his charm and above all his intelligence”, while Christian de la Cortina plays Luigi, “a smooth talker who has a penchant for success at all costs”, explains Stéphan Beaudoin.

Sylvain Marcel completes the main cast in the role of a “righteous and insightful” investigator.

Luc Dionne took the time to breathe after six seasons of District 31 but takes up the pen again with happiness.

“I have a lot of fun writing this. I find atmospheres, gray areas that I exploited at the time ofOmertà“, he says.

It’s not just yesterday that he imagined Gildor Roy in the title role of his new series.

“I find it easy to write for him. People close to me say that when they listen to Gildor, they recognize me.”

— Luc Dionne

Gildor says that on the last day of filming Towerwhich he hosted on TVA, Fabienne Larouche gave him a phone call to offer him the role.

“If people are expecting a Chiasson 2.0 commander, there is nothing further from reality. It’s quite the opposite. He’s a damn good private detective, but what makes him interesting is his relationship with his children, his ex-wife and maybe another woman, who knows? It’s extremely complicated,” explains Gildor Roy.


This is the first time that director Stéphan Beaudoin (right) has worked with producers Michel Trudeau and Fabienne Larouche and author Luc Dionne. (Pierre Manning)

Remember that the series was to be titled “DPCP”, for the first letters of the names of four associates (Dumas, Poitras, etc.). But the author instead opted for a single hero, Jean Dumas.

“I wanted a strong character, who has things to defend. Don’t scatter myself with stooges.”

It was the meeting with a friend of producer Michel Trudeau who inspired Luc Dionne to create this series. “I was stunned by the character, who does this job,” he admits.

“It’s one of the rare times when you eat with someone and they know everything about you when they leave,” adds Michel Trudeau about this friend, who notably worked on the Bataclan attack and as a witness in negotiations between Hamas and Israel in Qatar.

Although they collaborate with the police, private firms do not have the same rules to respect, which is very interesting for an author.

“In most firms, these are often people who have previously worked for police forces. Police forces need a warrant to carry out wiretapping. It’s different for private firms,” explains Luc Dionne.

Ætios Productions begins filming on May 21 on real locations, not in the studio at all. ICI Télé could program the series on Mondays at 8 p.m., a slot left vacant by the end of 5th rankbut nothing is confirmed.

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