Lévis will have its private mini-hospital, Quebec too

The day after the launch of the call for tenders by the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches for a “mini-geriatric hospital” operated by the private sector in Lévis, disappointment was felt among the elected CAQ members of the National Capital.

The MP for Vanier-Les-Rivières, Mario Asselin, expressed particular regret that the private establishment, originally planned in Quebec, would instead be built on the South Shore, near the head of the bridges. “Yes, it’s too far,” said the elected official to journalists on Wednesday. “Quebec is ready for a private mini-hospital. We don’t want to give up,” he said, assuring that “people are ready for that in Quebec.”

The center, entirely under private responsibility, will offer assessment, treatment and diagnostic services to seniors, seven days a week.

But the Legault government wanted to be reassuring. The inhabitants of Quebec will also be entitled to a health project carried out by the private sector.

The information, first reported by The Press, was confirmed by The sun.

MP Youri Chassin, parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Health and responsible for the pilot project in the government, confirmed that Quebec was working on three projects rather than the two promised during the electoral campaign.

Unlike those planned in Montreal and Lévis, the project promised for the Capitale-Nationale would not be dedicated to geriatric clients, he clarified.

Before entering politics, the elected official from Saint-Jérôme was a vigorous defender of private health within the Montreal Economic Institute.


The CAQ MP for Saint-Jérôme, Youri Chassin, confirmed that a third project was in preparation for the National Capital. (Archives, La Presse)

The caquistes of Chaudière-Appalaches enchanted

The choice of Lévis to host the first private mini-hospital delights the CAQ deputies from Chaudière-Appalaches. The deputy for Beauce-Nord, Luc Provençal, confirmed that the Caquistes from the South Shore “had the desire to be considered” for the choice of location.

“The news is very good for our region,” the minister and MP for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, Martine Biron, later boasted. “It’s an excellent thing,” confirmed his colleague from Lévis, Bernard Drainville. “Internal debates remain internal,” he added, when asked about the chosen location.


The head of the bridges sector, where a lot of development is observed, is targeted to accommodate the first private mini-hospital in Quebec. (Patrice Laroche/Archives Le Soleil)

Asked on Wednesday about the choice of targeting a sector of Lévis, the Minister of Health tempered the expectations of Lévis residents, suggesting that the choice of the bridgehead was not final. Christian Dubé assures that “for the moment, there is nothing decided whether it is in Lévis, Saint-Georges-de-Beauce or Quebec.”

He believes that the confusion comes from the fact that the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches has raised its hand to manage the call for tenders process.



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