UNUSUAL: in Côte-d’Or thousands of Deudeuches in Brazey-en-Plaine

“When you drive a Porsche, people look at you askance, when you drive a 2CV everyone applauds you!” Bruno Fabien knows what he is talking about. He garnered lots of smiles on the long road that brought him to Brazey-en-Plaine, in the Saône valley in Côte-d’Or. “We arrived from the Crozon peninsula, in Brittany. We covered 905 kilometers in two and a half days.” Fabien is used to long-distance travel at the wheel of his 1984 2CV. “It has 130,000 kilometers on the clock. With it, I went to Spain, Portugal, Warsaw in Poland or Dubrovnik in Croatia. We sometimes break down, but we always manage to get going again.”

Bruno Fabien takes a loving look at his car renamed Citrozen. “My grandparents always had 2CVs and Dyanes. When I was born, I left the clinic in a 2CV.. so since then, well it’s been ruined. This car is a story of family and love.”

Bruno Fabien took two and a half days to reach the Côte-d’Or from Brittany © Radio France
Olivier Estran

A love that can be expensive today as this car, whose production stopped in 1990, has remained popular. “A 2CV in very good condition now easily costs 15,000 to 20,000 euros” assures Bruno who is president of the association “Les Deuches du Bout du Monde”, “but you can also find one in running condition from 5,000 euros.”

The slogan that has become the motto of 2CV enthusiasts © Radio France
Olivier Estran

“We have classic cars, but our pleasure is camping” declares with a big smile Francis who arrives from Marlieux, a town near Bourg-en Bresse at the wheel of his sky blue Dyane as full as an egg and who is pulling an equally well-loaded trailer. “The 2CV is the spirit of travel with the noise of this twin-cylinder engine, the smell of gasoline. We move like snails, we have no air conditioning, we have no heating either, except in summer when we’re too hot But it doesn’t matter. On arrival we put everything on the table, and it’s an aperitif with the neighbors. We plan to go for a walk to Beaune and the castle. Savigny, and Saturday evening I prepare a paella with everything I brought” he said, pointing to a gigantic frying pan designed for this purpose which can be seen under the tarpaulin of the trailer.

Renovated or in their
Renovated or in their “juice”, he has cars from all decades © Radio France
Olivier Estran

A 2CV to win

This national meeting is open to all. You can even participate in a raffle which allows you to win a refurbished 2CV. This is the particularity of this car, today several companies and companies remanufacture spare parts which allow you to renovate your Deuche. “We can redo everything from A to Z, from the chassis to the windshield wipers” assures Stéphane Long, mechanic in Nitry in Yonne. “A 2CV is, so to speak, eternal. You just need to have your registration card to keep it alive.”

You can even find brand new engines!
You can even find brand new engines! © Radio France
Olivier Estran

From the sands of the Dakar to Brazey-en-Plaine

The adventure of this car designed just after the Second World War is not about to end. As proof, in Brazey-en-Plaine, we can salute the audacity and talent of Barbara and Lucie. These two rally drivers arrive from Czechia with the 2CV that they drove in the dunes of the last edition of the Dakar Classic (an event reserved for cars from the 1980s and 1990s). “This is the first time that this car has been entered in this legendary event” smiled Barbara. “I am a rally driver in my country on a DS3, but it was a pleasure for me to try this adventure at the wheel of such an iconic car. We had the smallest engine in the entire fleet. Just 600 cm3, and yet we did not arrive last. We completed this Dakar 2024 by finishing 63rd out of 75. Next time, we’ll go back to win!” she assures with a burst of laughter. Proof that the 2CV has not finished making people happy.

Lucie (left) and Barbara, Czech rally drivers
Lucie (left) and Barbara, Czech rally drivers © Radio France
Olivier Estran
Here is the first 2CV in history to have competed in a
Here is the first 2CV in history to have competed in a “Dakar Classic” © Radio France
Olivier Estran

To live on France Bleu Burgundy

This gathering of enthusiasts is open to all. We will bring it to you live this Thursday, May 9 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. with Stéphane Conchon in the show “Welcome home” on France Bleu Bourgogne.



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