This former teacher publishes a thriller whose story takes place in Marmande

This former teacher publishes a thriller whose story takes place in Marmande
This former teacher publishes a thriller whose story takes place in Marmande

By Tomy Rigouleau
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May 8, 24 at 6:52 p.m.

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” I wished put the spotlight on small provincial towns“, summarizes Laurence Haurat-Draunet who has just published her first novel “The Cuckoo’s Mirror” published by Douro on April 1, 2024.

Through this thriller whose plot takes place in Marmande, this former professor of history and geography at Jean Moulin college retired since September 1, 2023 tells the exhilarating and psychological story of a “new generation squatter” ready to do anything to save his skin following an unexpected grain of sand that disrupts the cogs of his life mechanics which he thought were well-oiled.

Police intrigue in Marmande

MBut who could possibly be hiding behind this cuckoo clock? “A cuckoo, like a bird, is someone who settles in other people’s nests because he has no personality. It will settle in when the person is not there” explains Laurence Haurat-Draunet. “He’s not an aggressive or mean person. He is meticulous and very organized, which allows him to have several lives depending on events and the different places where he settles.”

A squatter of the new era who finds himself at Marmande in Lot-et-Garonne and who will quickly lose control over his atypical existence. “Mishaps will happen, things that were not planned,” reveals the writer. “But he doesn’t question himself, it’s never his fault. He thinks he’s the king of chess“.

Like a board game, everyone moves their pawns to discover who is hiding behind this cuckoo who will do everything to get out of a situation that they no longer control.

What interests me is the psychology of people. Those who make excuses all the time. The idea of ​​the mirror is my conviction that people want to show a face that is not necessarily theirs.

Laurence Haurat-Draunet

A psychological detective storye which takes place in the tomato capital, a city that Laurence knows well.

The intrigues often take place in big cities. I think we don’t realize that in a small town you can do a lot of things. I wanted to put Marmande in the spotlight.

Laurence Haurat-Draunet

Retired teacher

This is the first book published by Laurence Haurat-Draunet since she took office. retirement in September 2023.

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“I’ve been writing since I was a teenager. I really like playing with writing, including when I was a teacher where I organized class workshops with novels in which we are the hero.”

I write because it’s a real pleasure.

Laurence Haurat-Draunet

Originally from Pau and based in Beaupuy since 1998, Laurence Haurat-Draunet wishes continue on this path and has already other projects in mindto the delight of its readers.

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