Swore. Three drivers tested positive for drugs during a prevention operation

Swore. Three drivers tested positive for drugs during a prevention operation
Swore. Three drivers tested positive for drugs during a prevention operation

By Valentin Machard
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May 8, 24 at 12:52

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THE gendarmes of Jura carried out an operation controls of magnitude this Tuesday May 7, 2024 in the Haut-Juranear Vaux-lès-Saint-Claude, on the eve of this Ascension Bridge. Of the hundred vehicles checked, three drivers tested positive for drugs.

A hundred of controlled cars, a around twenty of mobilized gendarmes and a (small) ten of fines. It’s the balance sheet of the control operation organized by the gendarmes of the Saint-Claude company, in Haut-Jura, Tuesday May 7, on the eve of this weekend of departure on leave.

“In this crossover weekend with the Ascension Bridge, we are starting to prepare people for our presence on the roads. When people know they are expected, they raise your foot on speed naturally,” explains the Lieutenant Laura Gagnerot who supervises operations and controls.

Lattice radar controls, hidden in the middle of nature

The police set up a device especially this Tuesday. After a first phase in the center of the village of Vaux-lès-Saint-Claude to, above all, control blood alcoholTHE narcotics and the technical controlsthe gendarmes then moved along departmental road 436, the axis between Saint-Claude and Oyonnax.

At this location, gendarmes fatigues outfits, hidden in the forests with a good view of the road, operate a series of radar checks with telescopes. Offenders spotted are awaited a kilometer further by the rest of the gendarmes.

Around a hundred checks were carried out this Tuesday, May 7, 2024 in Jura. Alcohol, narcotics, technical checks and administrative documents… The gendarmes inspected everything. ©Valentin Machard

A weekend of climbing, always under tension

The bridge of ascension is often the occasion for reunion in family or between friendswith meals a little more “watered” than usual. Hence the mobilization of law enforcement today, as explained by the sub-prefect of the Saint-Claude district, Sophie Deknuydt :

“On this eve of the big bridge, it was important for us to carry out this first coordinated control. Members of the prefectural body will participate in several prevention operations in the coming weeks. We have three strong axes: preventionthere communication and the repression. »

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Fatal accidents up 7%

This operation enabled the control of three drivers, taken into in the act driving under the influence of drugs. Since the beginning of the year 2024 in the Jura, in nearlyone in three accidentsone of the drivers had consumed narcotics or the alcohol.

This inspection operation was rather well received by motorists. This is the case of Fouadcontrolled while returning of Oyonnax : “It’s good that there are this kind of controls, it can prevent a lot of things! If anyone has drunk alcohol, it’s a real danger. The victims are those who asked for nothing! »

Since 1er January 2024, thirteen people died in eleven fatal accidents in the Jura. It’s already 7% more than last year.

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