Ariana gives voice to its donors

Ariana gives voice to its donors
Ariana gives voice to its donors

Ariana gives voice to its donors

Published today at 4:18 p.m.

The new exhibition at the Ariana Museum, “Donating, a matter of the heart or of the mind?», gives the floor to its patrons. Until March 2, 2025, twelve proposals highlight stories and stories of donations which represent the majority of its collections.

Over the decades, more than 1,000 donors have shaped the collections of the Swiss Museum of Ceramics and Glass in Geneva. Three quarters of his works come from donations, legacies or acquisition assistance.

Gustave’s gifts

Starting with those of the museum’s founder, Gustave Revilliod (1817-1890), who bequeathed it more than 4,700 works in ceramic, glass and stained glass. Revilliod’s contemporaries – men of science, museum curators, merchants, artists and others – also contributed to this original group.

Specializing in ceramics since 1934, the Ariana Museum will gradually host all public collections in this area, with the exception of archaeological pieces. It will be enriched in quality and quantity thanks to patronage, societies of friends, donations from ceramists, artists, inheritances or collections.

New acquisition

All these gifts make it possible to tell, expose and promote the infinite stories of techniques, forms, decorations and their uses. The public can also enjoy anecdotes about the life of the objects and their owners.

The Ariana Museum also invites its visitors to participate in the purchase of a new work. The institution wishes to acquire a monumental sculpture by ceramist Torbjørn Kvasbø. “Patrons” will be invited to a meeting with this Norwegian artist who has enjoyed international fame for several decades.

“Making a donation, a matter of the heart or of reason?”, Ariana Museum until March 2, 2025,


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