In Aveyron an innovative program for safe hunting

In Aveyron an innovative program for safe hunting
In Aveyron an innovative program for safe hunting

With this ongoing concern to hunt in complete safety and move towards zero accident risk, Hunters’ Federations have engaged in a project aimed at providing expertise as close as possible to hunting territories. The ASAPT program (Safety audit and improvement of practices in hunting territories) has just been set up in Aveyron

The security audit for safe hunting: a first in Aveyron

The Federation of Aveyron Hunters, often a pioneer in many projects, has just put it in place. She explains :

This is a brand new program that was made possible thanks to the support of the Occitanie Region. The idea is simple, in the off-season, technicians from the Aveyron Hunters’ Federation go to the territory of associations that wish to do so. A field visit which allows for an analysis of all the shooting stations used during the hunts.

This program allows you to bring a fresh perspective and an expert eye to security. Also each technician went into the field with a line manager. All shooting stations throughout the commune were examined. This makes it possible to better determine the possibility of making secure shots.

This is how in St Croix, the hunters and the federation analyzed 172 positions. If the majority did not call for any particular comments, others were simply deleted. Elsewhere, entire post lines have been moved. For others, it will be enough to play with the chainsaw a little. This is to cut two or three branches that are in the way.

At the end of this day, the hunting association will benefit from the mapping of all hunting stations. But also the mapping of all the plots signed by hunting lease. Again, for the hunt leaders and line leaders, real peace of mind. Knowing that they will start next season with identified positions and shooting angles scrutinized for safety considerations. If you wish to include your association in the process, contact the federation.

Occitanie Hunters Federation: what is this ASAPT project?

The sole objective of this program is to improve awareness of the risk of accidents. And therefore to reduce this risk even more. Beyond theory and even beyond practice, this program aims to be immersive at the heart of hunting societies and their practices. With particular attention to big game hunts.

Bringing together hunters on their territory and providing a fresh and professional perspective on their practices on this occasion is a real plus for the safety of hunters and other users of nature. In addition, this program also aims to provide advice and avenues for improvement with regard to an existing situation, to facilitate the organization of the hunt, which is the responsibility of the president and the hunt manager, and to increase the efficiency of the hunt. collective big game hunts.

The first year of this approach is experimental, tools will be shared and co-constructed between the participating FDCs, with the hope of being reproduced and exported to other territories.

Main objective :

  • Improve hunting safety through a diagnosis of hunting practices implemented in the territories.

Specific objectives :

  • Validate a diagnostic method to be carried out by FDC personnel
  • Provide an advice sheet to the audited territories with suggestions for improving their practices for safer hunting
  • Share the approach with all FDCs in the region and their partners


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