VIDEO – Haute-Vienne: art… with a chainsaw!

VIDEO – Haute-Vienne: art… with a chainsaw!
VIDEO – Haute-Vienne: art… with a chainsaw!

In Haute-Vienne, a craftsman does not lack cutting edge.

His art is not for everyone.

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The 1 p.m.

When Vincent Ratinaud equips himself and starts his biggest chainsaw, it is not the lumberjack who is preparing to work, but an artist with formidable precision. The gesture as precise as it is delicate to transform wood into sculpture with this astonishing tool.

At home, on his terrace, the sculptor has three chainsaws. From the heaviest to the smallest for finishing. Under its paste, the first facial expressions can be seen. Results: hundreds of creations inspired mainly by the animal world. Like this carp, whose movement he tried to capture, or this domestic cat (photo below). So many unique pieces crafted in one piece.


In the grounds of this restaurant, Vincent even fulfilled a very special order. Cut down a diseased cedar and keep the lower part of the trunk to carve this feminine silhouette right down to the fingertips. “The idea is to have the feeling that the dress is coming out of the ground”he explains in the TF1 1 p.m. video.

Using a blowtorch, the burning technique gradually restores its colors. A universe that begins in the Limousin forests and that he shares with his partner. The forest has always inspired him. A virtuoso of the chainsaw, whatever the forms of expression and who, through force of arms, knew how to find his style.

The editorial staff of TF1 TF1 | Report Carlo Parédès, Emmanuel Sarre




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