Vaucluse: “Owner for a day” operation at the Roberty racecourse for the race on May 9

Vaucluse: “Owner for a day” operation at the Roberty racecourse for the race on May 9
Vaucluse: “Owner for a day” operation at the Roberty racecourse for the race on May 9

The great team of volunteers of Alain Rouvière, president of the Avignon – Le Pontet horse racing society, was at work this Tuesday morning. In the din of mowers, brush cutters and tractors, around fifteen friends were busy making the racecourse more beautiful, more welcoming to receive visitors and racegoers in this magical place where the fourth horse racing meeting of the season will take place tomorrow. “Today we do the big thing, tomorrow we will refine the small details. We usually“, said the president, ensuring that operations ran smoothly.

Our desire is to give people, and more particularly families, a passion for racing. To bet of course, but above all to observe the work of the horses, the atmosphere which reigns on the racecourse. In fact, propose a big family celebration. This is why we charge a symbolic entry price. (€5, free for under 18s) and we’re offering the first 100 people to arrive a game voucher worth €3.

Activities for children and pony rides

A big moment of the day, in addition to the free entertainment offered to children with various games and pony rides (up to 10 years old), this Thursday the team is organizing its “Owner for a Day” operation. Understand that by drawing lots, a visitor will be invited to choose a horse and follow it throughout the day, from the paddocks and until the end of the race. “Don’t worry, we will be there to support him, advise him on his choice, and explain equine finesse.“In addition, if the chosen horse wins, the short-lived owner will take 5% of the price if his champion arrives in the first 7.

Perhaps he will even be able to get into the race car commented and driven by Christophe Rouvière. “Usually, it’s a rush. Everyone wants to get into the 7-seater minibus loaned by Les Loueurs de France. It’s very nice.”

And for a snack, know that a refreshment bar and a caterer (Le Ramier de Vedène) will offer meals, “always at affordable prices”, continues Alain Rivière, bustling with projects intended to keep the equestrian flame alive. “We need the public to come back to the races. Here at Roberty, we are surrounded by nature. Spring is here, the track is beautiful, green and red with poppies. It’s magical!”

Doors open 12 p.m., operations start 2 p.m. Roberty racecourse, road from Carpentras to Pontet.

8 races on the program

> 2:30 p.m. Truffaut Garden Center Prize, 12 runners.

> 3 p.m. DG Painting Prize, 11 runners.

> 3:30 p.m. Prix Christian Brunet-Debaines (GrA), 14 runners.

> 4 p.m. Prix ​​Christian Brunet-Debaines (GrB), 13 runners.

> 4:30 p.m. Prix Loueurs de France, 16 runners.

> 5 p.m. François Vidal Prize, 13 runners.

> 5:30 p.m. Roger Gouyette Prize, 14 runners.

> 6 p.m. Colombes des vignes winery prize, 9 runners.




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