A Tuesday morning at the Mont-de-Marsan market

France Bleu Gascogne is doing its shopping at the Mont-de-Marsan market this Tuesday morning, May 7. Vegetables, bread, cheese, fish…, you can find everything and in a short supply chain.

France Bleu Gascogne loves the Landes markets, whether small or large. On the Mons market on Tuesday morning, you can move around the aisles more easily than on Saturday market day too and you have a little more time to chat like with the excellent fishmonger Alain Zorzabalbère from Dax Marée who offers you his product of the moment , line-caught hake caught in the Bay of Biscay. It costs 14 euros per kilo. Our fishmonger has a little less merchandise than usual because the fishermen are preparing to take a break from their work for the Ascension Bridge. But you will still find langoustines, John Dory and rays from Brittany or even cod from Iceland at a price of 27 to 28 euros per kilo for the finest pieces.

Dax Marée on the Mont-de-Marsan market Tuesday May 7, 2024 © Radio France
Bernard Tessier/Laurent Minvielle

A little further on, our “gourmet reporter” Bernard Tessier meets Laurence, an organic market gardener and her Légumes de l’Oustaous in Uchacq-et-Parentis, she has everything and even the first zucchini:

  • zucchini: 4 euros per kilo
  • radish: 1 euro 80 per bunch
  • ognasse: 2 euros 80 per small bunch
  • aillet: 2 euros 40 per bouquet
Laurence and her organic vegetables on the Mont-de-Marsan market at the microphone of Bernard Tessier © Radio France
Laurent Minvielle

Will you have some cheese? At the stand of Anaïs and Nicolas from the Ferme des 9 Fontaines de Bostens we were overwhelmed! And we sell:

  • greuilh: 7 euros 50 for 500 g
  • sheep’s curd: 1 euro per jar
  • the little marinated Anaïs: 5 euros per 250 g tray
  • sheep’s cheese: 25 euros per kilo
Anaïs the shepherdess from the 9 Fontaines de Bostens site on the Mont-de-Marsan market
Anaïs the shepherdess from the 9 Fontaines de Bostens site on the Mont-de-Marsan market © Radio France
Bernard Tessier / Laurent Minvielle

We finish at the baker’s stand, Christophe, sympathy personified, who treats you to his poppy seed bread and cereals for 1 euro 50, all baguettes for 1 euro 20, croissants for 1 euro, 1 euro 50 for chocolatines, apple turnovers and chocolate braids for 1 euro 30.

Christophe, baker on the Mont-de-Marsan market
Christophe, baker on the Mont-de-Marsan market © Radio France
Laurent Minvielle




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