We tested the Camélat bridge and the new route from Foulayronnes to Brax for you

We tested the Camélat bridge and the new route from Foulayronnes to Brax for you
We tested the Camélat bridge and the new route from Foulayronnes to Brax for you

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Ten minutes. This is the time it takes to reach Brax from Foulayronnes via the Camélat bridge. A huge time saver for residents.

After being inaugurated in the presence of Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and several thousand people on Saturday May 4, the Camélat bridge was put into service on Monday May 6, at 2 p.m.

A few minutes before the official opening of the third structure spanning the Garonne, around fifteen vehicles, cars and trucks, were waiting for the green light to reach the left bank. A new route for the Lot-et-Garonnais, previously forced to pass through Agen to reach Le Passage, Brax, Estillac or Sainte-Colombe, and often stuck in traffic jams around the Beauregard bridge and the stone bridge.

Designed to relieve congestion in the heart of the city and rebalance flows and traffic between the left bank and the right bank, the Camélat bridge seems to fulfill its mission. We tested the route yesterday afternoon, from Foulayronnes to the Technopole Agen Garonne in Brax.

12 minutes from Foulayronnes to TAG

Starting point: Foulayronnes Intermarché. Time: 5 p.m. The route was launched to reach the left bank. We took the RN21, passing through the countryside to land at the Colayrac roundabout eight minutes later. Straight ahead towards the second exit, we drive for the first time along the 360 ​​meters of the building. To the left and right, a breathtaking view of the Garonne before descending to land level and then crossing the side canal of the Garonne. Traffic is fluid, a few trucks are undoubtedly heading to the north of the department and a few cyclists are experimenting with the gentle lane.

We arrive at the first roundabout in Brax, where we continue straight towards the Technopole Agen Garonne (TAG), a new activity zone which will host the future LGV station in the 2030s. Arrival time at TAG: 5:12 p.m. For those who would like to reach the new Agen Ouest motorway interchange, allow a few more meters and less than a minute, setting the arrival time at 5:13 p.m. from our point departure point to join the motorway from Foulayronnes.

The other two bridges unclogged?

Return to Agen from the TAG, this time taking the classic route. At the stone bridges and from Beauregard to Passage d’Agen, the traffic seems to have eased. Same in the city center. The start of a more fluid life for the Agenais? It would seem… But let’s wait for the next few weeks to find out for sure.




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