Culture: Vaucluse dares to be close!

Culture: Vaucluse dares to be close!
Culture: Vaucluse dares to be close!

Alongside the region’s major cultural events, and there are many of them, there is a whole web of places and events of unsuspected richness and variety. Although they do not occupy center stage, they are essential to the life and animation of the territories. Small festivals, performance halls, cultural cafés, exhibition spaces, artistic meetings… there are many initiatives. Just search a little…

France, which is world champion for its number of associations, is not far from also reaching the top steps of the podium for its cultural initiatives. There is no territory that benefits from an event or a place that offers cultural events or activities. The importance of the associative environment and the financial support of communities are not unrelated to the importance of this offer.
The point here is not to want to reference them all, and in Vaucluse alone, the task would be gigantic. But it’s about putting a little spotlight on some of them in order to think outside the box.

Many places managed by associations
If you are a fan of live music and your favorite repertoire is in the world of rock and blues, you have the Sonograf’ at Thor. Unavoidable. Recently we have been able to see and hear some big names there, like Otis Taylor or Sari Schorr or more recently Greg Zlap or Whisbone Ashe. Managed by an association with around sixty volunteers, this room also offers dance workshops and themed musical evenings. Another room, another place. Passengers in Chateaurenard with an eclectic program which also opens its stage to local talents. The association which manages the place is also the organizer of external events such as the Noves festival which last July welcomed Popa Chubby. This year will be Sanseverino and the Fatals Picards (July 19 and 20).

Associate cultural foods with those of the table
Associating cultural foods with those of the table is also the vocation of artistic cafés such as the “Art Brock Café” in Velleron, “Les cigales dans la anthill” in Avignon, the “Café villager de Lauris”, “the funny d’oiseau” in Carpentras, “La Gare” in Coustellet, or even “L’essentiel” in Cucuron. There we do multi-genre with shows, exhibitions, conferences, theme evenings…

A host of festivals
Alongside the big machines like the Avignon festival (obviously), the Chorégies d’Orange (from June 14 to July 22), or the recent Insame festival in Apt (from May 8 to 11), the alternative offer is also plethora. The book fair in Gordes (its second edition was held on April 27 and 28), the Cavaillon laughter festival, organized by the MJC (from May 20 to 25), the Cavaillon cinematographic meetings, which this year received Leo Carax. The Big Band jazz festival in Pertuis (from August 5), Les guinguettes de l’Auzon in Carpentras with the Négresses vertes and Ky Mani Marley (Bob’s son) on July 5 and 6. You will have understood that there is something for all tastes and all budgets. Some of these events are even free. So let’s dare to be close!

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