In La Manche, a real estate market in transition


An apartment in the center of Granville can reach €4,400/m². GILLES TARGAT/PHOTO12 VIA AFP

Decryption This is one of the rare places in France where property values ​​have increased further in 2023, thanks to a highly sought-after coastline. The situation cannot last.

By Louise Monneret

Published on May 7, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.


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Living in Rouen, Caen or in La Manche: prices, advice and real estate trends in Normandy

This department tries to prepare as best as possible for climate change. “These profound changes are already imposing themselves on us. They force us to adapt our lifestyles. We must make decisions today that will allow us to face the future with peace of mind,” explains Jean Morin, president of the Manche departmental council, where many areas for improvement are proposed.

“La Manche is one of the only regions, with Corsica, to have experienced price increases in 2023, an outperformance of + 4.7% compared to the whole of France, which recorded a drop of 1 .9%”, notes Barbara Castillo Rico, director of economic studies at SeLoger and Meilleurs Agents. However, price growth was interrupted, according to the Fnaim barometer, with a decline of 0.3% over one year, and transactions…

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