Hérault: green light for college in Maraussan

Hérault: green light for college in Maraussan
Hérault: green light for college in Maraussan

By Valentina Volle
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7 May 24 at 9:40

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This Monday April 29the Mas d’Alco in Montpellier welcomed thedepartmental assemblyhighlighting thecommunity commitment to its youth. Among the major points of attention, the confirmation by the Department of Hérault of the construction of the Maraussan college, following a public inquiry.

Favorable opinion

A deliberation dated December 15, 2020 gave the green light for the establishment of this college, scheduled to open its doors at the start of the school year in September 2025, in response to demographic developments in the municipalities of Biterrois. This project is also part of an overall development plan for the Valletta districthas Maraussan.

In order to guarantee broad public participation and optimal transparency around this project, the Department requested the opening of a public survey, which took place from January 26 to February 27, 2024, under the aegis of the prefect of Hérault. L’favorable opinion and without reservation from the investigating commissioner led the Departmental Assembly to confirm the completion of the project, thus authorizing the work including the college constructionhis Outdoor Facilitiesas well as housing associates.

This initiative is part of a environmental approach. The future establishment will be designed to take advantage of natural resources, with a North-South orientation to take advantage of the winter heat, the use of plants to beautify spaces and the recovery of rainwater for watering the gardens. In addition, its modular design will allow classes to be added in the future, thus ensuring its sustainability and adaptability to the future needs of the sector.

More than €200,000 awarded

The Department of Hérault has allocated more than €200,000 to local authorities as part of the Departmental Youth Aid Fund. This fund, with a total budget of €428,500, aims to to accompany social integration and professional young people aged 18 to 25 in precarious situations. It is implemented within the framework of a close partnership between the Department and local authorities, with management delegation agreements established in ten voluntary territories.

What is the FDAJ?

It is a system intended to prevent the risks of social breakdown among the most vulnerable young people, by offering them one-off financial support and collective support measures. Its main objective is to promote the social and professional integration of young people, while securing their integration path and helping them to acquire greater autonomy.

The Department’s priority commitment: youth

Aware of challenges encountered by the youththe Department of Hérault is committed to strengthening its solidarity integration actions. Strengthened services will be deployed, offering tailor-made advice, job discoveries, financial help for housing, trainingthere healthmobility and many others, through initiatives like the Departmental youth aid fund and the Youth autonomy measures.

So, with these commitments in favor of youth and sustainable developmentthe Department of Hérault affirms its desire to build a strong and inclusive future for all its citizens.

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