social centers in economic danger

social centers in economic danger
social centers in economic danger

The example of La Ville-aux-Dames (with the dismissal of its employee) is challenging and worrying. Social centers are in danger.

“The structures are economically fragile with inflation and the rise in salaries”notes Ramatou Sow, delegate to the regional federation of social centers of Centre-Val de Loire.

“Dependent on local politics”

A national mobilization took place at the end of January 2024. Pending national commitments, “certain social centers are likely to disappear if emergency funds are not put in place”she warns.

In Amboise, the change of municipality gave new life to the MJC. “Social centers are dependent on local politicsunderlines Sylvain Dal Piva. The social center is well supported by the City of Amboise which is also subject to the austerity policy implemented by the government. »

“Last ramparts against poverty”

For the director of the structure, Caf and the prefecture also take their part. “A consolidation of funding exists for social centers located in priority neighborhoods (1). This is specific to the department. »

In Tours, the Pluriel(le)s social center also relies on local communities. “Social centers are the last ramparts against poverty”describes Julien Keruhel, the director.

Complexity also results in grant files focused on calls for projects and less on operation. They are numerous and quite heavy. Seventy for the Sanitas social center.

Rethinking socio-economic models

“You need time with the residents. A social center works globally, calls for thematic projects require rapid results”regrets Ramatou Sow.

In Indre-et-Loire, some social centers are struggling to establish a balanced budget for 2024. “We will have to rework socio-economic modelsshe warns. Rethink them and pool know-how. »

(1) In Amboise, La Verrerie and La Patte d’Oie-Malétrenne-Plaisance.




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