2,500 walkers expected on the forty hikes offered

2,500 walkers expected on the forty hikes offered
2,500 walkers expected on the forty hikes offered

Forty hikes are on the program for the Rando Moselle festival, the 16th edition of which will take place on May 18, 19 and 20 in Saint-Quirin, in the Sarrebourg region. Encouraged by last year’s success with 2,500 participants recorded over the three days, the Vosges Clubs of Abreschviller-Sarrebourg and Saint-Quirin are once again mobilized with the Community of Communes of Sarrebourg Moselle Sud to present a very varied thematic hikes which attract people from all over the Grand Est but whose epicenter will be the municipal stadium of Saint-Quirin. Campsites and hotels in the Sarrebourg region are almost full for this period.

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The event has just won the Grand Est Ecolabel. “It’s an eco-responsible course of action,” claims Roland Klein, president of the community of municipalities. There are constraints in the management of the hikes but especially of the village with only recyclable materials.”

Some new features are announced. The singles hike which attracts several dozen people is making a comeback. Note, for the first time, a black trail hike, for sports enthusiasts, taking old undeveloped forest trails over 23 km, or even an Escape game hike, more family-friendly, for budding investigators. But the most popular hikes, such as bivouac, sunrise or sunset hikes, will very quickly reach the limit of participants. Registrations are open.




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