users’ first impressions, “It’s going to change my life!” We will save time and fuel”

users’ first impressions, “It’s going to change my life!” We will save time and fuel”
users’ first impressions, “It’s going to change my life!” We will save time and fuel”

“Less than ten minutes to go from my workplace to home, this bridge will change my life! Not to mention the fuel savings, because I will no longer have red lights and traffic jams. » Sébastien Naud, riding instructor at L’Étrier agenais, in Roquefort, and living in Foulayronnes, awaited the Camélat bridge with growing impatience. Completed, for him, the Gaillard-MSA-Gravier-Pont de Pierre journey. And even if, yesterday, at opening time, he was not working, he could not resist, at 2 p.m., being one of the first to take this new crossing of the Garonne and the Canal. “In addition, the landscaping is rather well done. »

It must be said that, along the 3 km cycle path, which runs alongside the structure, 1,200 trees have been planted, 39 hectares of sowing of dry or wet meadows and 6.5 hectares of planting have been carried out.

The 3 kilometer structure is accompanied, over the same distance, by a traffic lane for soft mobility.

Thierry Breton/SO

For his professional life too, the arrival of this bridge will change the situation. “When we go to competitions in Prayssas, Villeneuve or Sainte-Livrade, we will save time and diesel…” First test with the truck and the eight horses it is transporting this weekend for the Éperon Livradais.

“Fuel savings”

Often, it is the transporters who have been put forward: access to the new interchange, to the Technopole Agen Garonne… But, individuals are also enthusiastic… From the opening, the bar and the Camélat bridge seem to have found their place. The first cars were not alone on the work for long. Which quickly welcomed a few cyclists and walkers. It takes less than three minutes between the Camélat roundabout and the Brax roundabout, strictly respecting the speed limit of 70 km/h, “to remain consistent with the rest of the Agen bypass infrastructure”, explains Denis Audouard. , site manager on behalf of the Agglomeration of Agen.

What cost in the end?

This bar and this Camélat bridge are finally becoming concrete, after thirty years of waiting and twenty-two months of work. This shows that this third crossing of the Garonne was widely expected. In fact, traffic on Pont-de-Pierre and Beauregard is saturated. The first alone records 30,000 vehicles per day. “And in the morning, the road on the bank is completely blocked,” Sébastien testifies again.

Even the 60 million euros initially planned for the work do not raise eyebrows, unlike the 280,000 euros for the inaugural party on Saturday May 4. That said, with the increase in the cost of materials and the impact of the war in Ukraine on the construction sector, the bill increased by 6.5 million euros. The Agglo and Eiffage must resume negotiations on this subject, now that the bridge is open. The work was also co-financed by the Department.

The opening of this third crossing does not mean the end of the work. Indeed, a parallel bridge, a railway one, is planned as part of the LGV, to create the connection between the Agen city center station and the future site located in the town of Brax.



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