Children’s Health Canada calls for federal action to improve pediatric care

Children’s Health Canada calls for federal action to improve pediatric care
Children’s Health Canada calls for federal action to improve pediatric care

Children’s Health Canada, a national voice for children’s health, has issued an urgent call for the federal government to take decisive action to resolve the ongoing crises affecting pediatric health care.

OTTAWA, ON, May 6, 2024 /CNW/ – The organization released a report, titled “Beyond Band-Aids: Delivering Dignified Health Care for Children,” which calls for meaningful health care reform for children in Canada.

In this report, Children’s Health Canada proposes the creation of a national children’s strategy and a position of chief child health officer. These initiatives aim to establish specific goals and timelines to improve the health of Canadian children in measurable ways. According to Emily Gruenwoldt, president and CEO of the organization, this action is urgent: “Child health outcomes in Canada are worsening year after year. We have a moral and financial obligation to act to reverse this trend, for our children and for our collective future.”

The report criticizes current fragmented and disparate approaches that do not adequately address children’s growing health and social care needs. Gruenwoldt imagines a future where pediatric health systems are accessible, equitable and tailored to the specific needs of young patients as well as the specialized staff who care for them.

To achieve these ambitious goals, Children’s Health Canada also recommends the creation of specific and protected federal funds to help provinces and territories strengthen the capacity of their pediatric health systems. This funding would be similar to the “Aging with Dignity” agreements signed by Ottawa with British Columbia and Saskatchewan in 2024.

The organization emphasizes that transforming children’s health care will require unprecedented collaboration among all levels of government, health care professionals and children’s health advocates. “We all have a role to play,” says Gruenwoldt.

This report from Children’s Health Canada is a call to action to make children’s health care in Canada a national priority and benefit from the innovations and resources needed to ensure a healthy future for the next generation.

Source: Children’s Healthcare Canada.

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