a man died of cold and exhaustion on the GR20

a man died of cold and exhaustion on the GR20
a man died of cold and exhaustion on the GR20

A hiker from Montenoy in Meurthe-et-Moselle was found dead Friday morning on the GR20 near Calenzana in Corsica. He died of cold and exhaustion. The man who accompanied him was transported to Calvi hospital.

Friday May 3, in the morning, a hiker from Meurthe-et-Moselle was found dead of cold and exhaustion on the GR20 route, the famous long-distance hiking trail in Corsica. Christophe Griette, 50, lived in Montenoy, in the suburbs of Pompey. He was accompanied by a man aged around forty. In a state of severe hypothermia, the Corse matin newspaper specifies “that this man was airlifted to the Calvi hospital center in critical condition”. His life would no longer be in danger. Both people are from Lorraine. The high mountain gendarmerie platoon in Corsica confirms this information to France 3 Lorraine on Saturday May 4, 2024.

Despite the forecast weather conditions, a strong wind, an orange vigilance alert for the department, snow showers and very low temperatures, they decided to reach the Carrozzu refuge.

Major Patrice Bonissone, from the PGHM of Corsica

Thursday evening, they found themselves lost at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. The Corte gendarmerie platoon immediately moved to the scene.

But very unfavorable weather conditions prevented rescuers from reaching the two hikers.“They found themselves stranded by snow, cold and night, explains Major Patrice Bonissone of the PGHM to our colleagues from France 3 Corse. “We therefore asked them to try to establish a bivouac. They are equipped, having a tent and a sleeping bag. We communicate with them by text message.”

According to the police, this tragedy is the consequence of a series of bad decisions made by the two hikers. “Despite the weather conditions announced, that is to say a violent wind, an orange vigilance alert in the department, snow showers which were forecast and very low temperatures, they still decided to reach the refuge of Carrozzu. Unfortunately from the end of the afternoon, they were blocked by snow. specifies Major Patrice Bonissone.

Friday morning, the search was able to resume around 8:30 a.m. “When the mountain doesn’t want, it doesn’t want.” The two hikers were found between the Carrozzu refuge and Ortu di u Piobbiu.

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Interview with Major Patrice Bonissone, from the PGHM of Corsica

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Christophe Griette, 50, had just taken over as president of Judo Val-de-Lorraine 54. This is a hard blow for all of us. It’s difficult. It’s surprising, we don’t understand why they left despite the weather. He was an accomplished sportsman.”, said the club treasurer, contacted by telephone. He was the father of two children.

An investigation was opened by the gendarmerie. THE GR20200 kilometers in two weeks, is renowned for being one of the hiking trail most difficult in the world. Accidents regularly occur on the route.



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