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Almost 2,500 people were trained during the last quarter of 2022 according to France Travail. Training thanks to which many Marne job seekers were able to (re)find a job. Decryption in numbers.

2,480 people looking for work were trained in Marne in the last quarter of 2022 according to France Travail. (© DR)

If Marne stands out on something, it is of course its ability to ultimately not stand out particularly, since the department wisely follows national statistics as a whole in terms of training. (Small) differences to its advantage nevertheless remain remarkable: during the last quarter studied by France Travail, 56% of trained job seekers obtained a job following their training. This is better than the national average of 53%. On the Marne side, 2,480 unemployed people were trained over the study period selected.

25% of trained specialists in the industrial sector

Among the most followed courses, three are at the top of the ranking quite clearly. This is primarily the field bringing together the world of commerce and marketing, occupying the last place on the podium, with 250 job seekers trained among the 2,480. On the second step of the podium: the 390 people who followed training to develop their skills in general. And at the very top of the ranking is the industrial sector, including the field of production, transport, and even logistics. 620 people, or a quarter of Marne job seekers, made this sector the one in which they recently trained.
But when we analyze this time the rate of integration into the world of work post-training for the three areas concerned, the ranking changes. If the industrial sector maintains its solid first place with a 64% integration rate, skills development obtains a percentage equal to 28%, and therefore goes down one place. It is therefore the world of commerce which benefits by making a leap forward with 61% access to employment following training.

18,230 job seekers in Marne

Overall, these integration percentages are slightly better than those referenced at the French level. Good news for the 18,230 job seekers in France Travail in the third quarter of 2023. Which is equivalent to an unemployment rate of around 7.4% for the department. This is a bit higher than the French unemployment rate (7.2%), even if the two values ​​are approximately the same.

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