a “solidarity” and “secure” white march

a “solidarity” and “secure” white march
a “solidarity” and “secure” white march

“Solidarity” and “secure”: a white march in tribute to the young Matisse, 15 years old, killed by a teenager of the same age on April 27, must start Saturday afternoon in the center of Châteauroux, at the call of the family which refuses any political recovery.

The family, “deeply touched by all the marks of sympathy received”, wished to pay tribute to Matisse with a white march, which will start at 3:30 p.m. from Place La Fayette, according to a press release from the metropolis, sent on Wednesday.

“The family invites all participants to show respect throughout the route so that the walk takes place in a peaceful and united spirit,” it was added.

Despite the call from Matisse’s father in particular to guard against any political exploitation, Friday evening, a small ultra-right group displayed banners in front of the town hall: “Justice for Matisse”, “Frenchman wake up”.

According to the prefect of Indre, Thibault Lanxade, the operation was “very quick”. “There were around ten of them. They unfurled their banners and left.” The action was claimed by the small group “Animus Fortis” on its X account.

“These people are identified and known to our services. They are not all from the department. I will not say more about this small group of around thirty members, except that we take all of this seriously,” added the prefect. from an AFP correspondent.

The march, planned for the afternoon, “will probably pass in front of Matisse’s father’s restaurant (Jeux 2 Goûts, Editor’s note), with a stroll through the city”, the prefect had also specified.

According to the latter, “3,000 to 10,000 people” are expected in this usually peaceful town of 43,000 inhabitants, where many traders have put photos of otters in their windows on Friday, thus responding to the call launched on Facebook by Matisse’s father, Christophe Marchais, who nicknamed his child “my otter” or “Matou”.

The teenager died from his injuries on April 27, after several stab wounds during a “brawl” that occurred in the Saint-Denis district, according to the Bourges public prosecutor.

His alleged attacker was indicted Monday evening for “murder” and placed in pre-trial detention, and his mother, aged 37 and suspected of having “slapped the injured victim”, was indicted for ” intentional violence” on “vulnerable person”.

– Police “reinforcement” –

Matisse’s murder comes after a wave of violence between young people, such as the fatal beating in Viry-Châtillon of 15-year-old Shemseddine, and in the middle of the campaign for the European elections.

In this context, the Afghan nationality of the two indicted – in a legal situation in France – has led several figures from the right and the extreme right to denounce the government’s “migratory policy”.

On social networks and in encrypted messaging loops, photos of the suspect, his parents, and links to his personal accounts are shared, AFP noted.

Given “pressures” and the presence of “very young children” within this family, the prefect of Indre assured AFP that “means were implemented to secure them from Thursday evening” .

For several days, Christophe Marchais has nevertheless continued to warn: “Let’s not mix everything up. Be careful of all the right-wing parties or elsewhere who appropriate this kind of thing”, he declared on the microphone from RTL.

To avoid any excess during the tribute, the prefecture decided to “reinforce a CRS company” alongside the department’s gendarmes and police officers, to hold “checks on motorway exits and on entrances to the agglomeration of Châteauroux”, where far-right activists are expected.

“Any act which would tend to use this white march and would not be in conformity with the republican spirit, will be closely notified by the security forces,” warned the prefect.




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